Cornishman left scared and confused after seeing price of sandwich in London

London – home to red buses, Buckingham Palace and arguably, overpriced food.

The capital boasts some of the best restaurants in the world – but the costs on the menu tend to be a little more expensive than elsewhere in the nation.

And one Cornishman discovered this the hard way.

He ordered a very pricey sandwich in the bustling city that left him "scared" and "confused" after forking out £9.00 for it.

Alongside the gourmet priced sandwich, he also received some ‘undercooked’ chips.

Posting about his experience on Reddit, he titled the post: “Being a Cornishman and going up to London for a work trip. I am confused. I am scared. I paid £9 for a sandwich and undercooked chips.

The unsatisfied Cornishman added to the comment section that he purchased a “chicken wrap that had been grilled and everything.”

He added: “They used electricity to make that thing warm!”

People took to the comments to share their view on the culture shocking lunch.

One user joked: “Where in London did you find something so cheap?”

Another person added: “Where did you find that bargain? Not surprised the chips were undercooked given you robbed them on price.”

And a third user said: “I once paid £9 for the most disappointing Cornish pasty in London – just keep yourself to meal deals and you can’t be disappointed.”

Someone else questioned the Cornishman's choice of lunch: “Sandwich and chips?? What crazy mix of food is that?!”

Meanwhile, a fifth user suggested that: “You should've gone to Nando's.”

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