Cougar claims men half her age hit on her without realising how old she is

A 40-year-old woman has claimed she’s so hot that she’s relentlessly pursued by younger men when on a night out.

Holly Kelly, a TikTok star, shared a clip of herself to explain what happens when she goes to nightclubs.

The brunette beauty, and self confessed “cougar”, says younger blokes often approach her romantically without knowing her age.

A cougar is an older woman who prefers to date or sleep with men who are younger than her.

The mum-of-one and Instagram influencer said: “When I’m 40 and think I may be too old for the club, a 25-year-old asks to dance with me.”

Holly added that she often spots her 20-year-old son’s pals staring at her when they come over to visit him.

The mum, who has a whopping 81,500 fans on the video streaming platform explained that some of her followers are the husbands of her “haters”, reports the Sun.

In the comments one surprised person said: “That’s because you’re absolutely stunning.”

Another added: “Forty is a perfect age.”

A third said: “40? You just started.”

While another fan wrote: “Age don’t matter when you look good.”

The “cougar” often posts funny videos about her life lusting after younger men on TikTok including joking about “when a cougar spots a cub on the trail” and “when you run into a cougar on a cruise ship”.

On her Instagram, @officialhollykelly and @love.holly.kelly, Holly posts saucy snaps of herself in evening wear and lingerie and calls herself the “friendly mom next door”.

In one snap, she flaunted her trim figure in a pair of denim shorts and a blue triangle bikini top.

While in another, the beauty posed in a pair of sheer white stockings and a lacy white bra and underwear set while showing off her beaming smile.

In a third snap she leaned forwards while donning a sexy orange babydoll dress.

She added in her bio: "A shade untamed. Wifey. Mom. Master’s degree"

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