Why Craig Campbell's Wife Mindy Ellis Stars in His Sultry Music Video 'See You Try'

“Girl, I ain’t never had nobody, talk me into leavin’ / When I’m hangin’ at my spot, and all my boys are drinkin’ / Shootin’ some pool, shootin’ some shots / Playin’ it cool, on that ol’ jukebox.”

From the first flirtatious verse of Craig Campbell‘s latest single, “See You Try,” you know the catchy tune is going to stay with you. But the road to his first single since 2016’s critically acclaimed “Outskirts of Heaven” was an uphill battle.

“I didn’t think that any of the songs that I had written were there. We looked all over Nashville. We listened to hundreds and hundreds of songs. We found ‘See You Try,’ and it was one of those songs where everybody immediately said, “Wow, this is a big song,” Campbell, 39, tells PEOPLE, joking that he’s glad that they found and recorded it before anyone else.

Written on the road during Florida Georgia Line‘s tour by FGL’s Tyler Hubbard, James McNair, Jordan Schmidt, and producer Bart Butler, the song proves a natural fit for the Georgia native’s throaty, pensive vocals.

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In his new lyric video for the tune, his wife Mindy Ellis Campbell stars alongside Campbell as his sultry object of affection.

“The song reminded me of me and my wife. Even though we’ve been up and married 13 years, if I’m out with my boys and she walks into the room and she’s trying to get my attention, I enjoy playing hardball and having her do what she feels is necessary to take my attention away from whatever is going on. I enjoy the game,” the country singer coyly admits.

“It’s the first time she’s been the lead female in a video,” notes Campbell (Ellis has made a cameo in all of Campbell’s videos, “but it’s more of a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ thing”). I felt like this was the perfect song. We had a lot of fun making this video…We shot [it] in about three hours.”

“You better believe it [was alcohol]!” exclaims Campbell of the video’s real-life vibe, thanks in part to its cast also including Campbell’s crew and band, part to the booze, and part to the Nashville setting of divey Melrose Billiard Parlor.  “We had to shoot this video quickly because I had to go on the road the next day.”

If you finish watching with a hankering to head to your local dimly lit establishment and make your own blurry memories, then Campbell has done his job.

This summer you can catch Campbell on the road at festivals, fairs, and bars across America. See his tour dates here.

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