Crazy reasons man’s wife is ‘mad at him’ including eating and opening his eyes

A bloke has shed a light on some of the nuttiest reasons his wife gets "mad" at him and some people say the list sounds very close to home.

In a video, TikTok user Santiago @santiandmikay jokingly reads out things that upset his other half over the course of the week, and it had viewers in stitches.

He says: "OK guys I got reasons why my wife is mad at me this week.

"First, I woke her up on my way to work, she heard my eyes open. That’s very inconsiderate of me and I should have learned to open my eyes more quietly.

"Second, I’ve eaten at nice restaurants without her before I met her. I should have known she was going to be in my future and waited."

He continues: "She was at work and I ate without her – I need to learn how to starve myself and go 24 hours without eating until she goes home."

Obviously, the list is a joke and his wife is not really "mad" about these trivial things.

The original clip was watched more than a whopping 7.9 million times and it’s sparked a debate on the video-sharing app, with thousands of people commenting.

One person joked: "I’m so glad he recognises his mistakes."

"I’m dead very thoughtful but odd list," said a second fan.

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"Hobby Lobby is closed on a Sunday is super serious," posted another viewer with the crying laughing emojis.

But one person blasted: "Either she changes or DIVORCE like how do people live like this?"

Santiago said the list was a greatly exaggerated joke and went on to do a series of other things that irked his wife – including an old lady calling him handsome at the store.

The pair often prank each other in their videos.

Santiago told LadBible said: "My wife thinks they're funny! She knows that over-exaggerating on a lot of those, but finds truths to them which makes her laugh!"

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