Dad's simple plate hack that ensures  kids' dinners are never too hot

Dad shares his simple plate routine that ensures his kids’ dinners are ALWAYS the right temperature

  •  An Australian dad has revealed how he ensures his kids’ dinners aren’t too hot
  •  The man puts the kids’ plates in the freezer before he starts cooking dinner
  •  He then puts the food on the plate and leaves it for two minutes, as it cools

An Australian dad has revealed his simple dinner-time plate routine which guarantees his kids’ food is never too hot.

The dad simply puts the plastic dinner plates his children use in the freezer when he begins to prepare the evening meal.

Once he has cooked, the pasta for example, he takes the plates from the freezer and spreads the food out on the cool plates.

An Australian dad has revealed his simple dinner-time plate-hack which guarantees his kids’ food is never too hot (stock image)

His partner marveled at the hack.

‘Two minutes later he gave the kids their dinner at perfect temperature,’ she said.

‘No mixing, no ‘careful it’s hot’, no holding it in front of a fan or air con,’ she said.

She also revealed she spends ten minutes stirring the food until it has cooled down. 

The dad laughed when he was given recognition for the clever hack and said he thought it was ‘just common sense’. 

But when the hack was posted online it appears it wasn’t a very ‘common’ thing to do.

‘What a great idea! I used to put their whole bowl with food in the freezer,’ one woman said, kicking herself.

‘How how I never thought of this. I mean, people put their plate in the oven to keep them warm before putting food on, tell him he’s nailed it,’ said one mum.

‘We should be doing this,’ one woman said, tagging her partner.

Others were blown away by the man’s willingness to cook for his family.


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‘You said partner not husband so is he open to marriage ?’ one woman said.

‘Where can I find one? Not the plates, but a ‘partner’ that actually cooks, organises, helps with dinner?’

‘I’m just jelly that your husband cooked and fed the kids while you watched,’ said one mum.

Others were less impressed and claimed they had been using the hack for years.

 ‘I used to do that for my son. No idea where I first saw the idea though,’ one mum said.

‘Yep, common sense wins every time,’ one woman said.

‘I do this often, makes it’s so much faster to serve dinner,’ said another.

‘I would have thought it common sense too. Iv been doing this for years,’ said another. 

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