Daily horoscope for November 18: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Wednesday’s horoscope is heavily-influenced by the Moon residing in hardworking star sign Capricorn. The consensus among astrologers is the middle of the working week marks an ideal opportunity to get down to work.

There is plenty to keep people occupied on Wednesday, yet frustratingly little time to achieve it.

This is consequently a great period to get properly organised and go for broke.

Your best bet is to therefore invest a little time to reflect on what you are aiming to prioritise.

It is only after thinking about ultimate goals can you take some considered action.

As the Capricorn Moon harmonises with the Mercury-Uranus Opposition, all you should see are solutions.

An Opposition in astrology occurs when a planetary pair are positioned across the Zodiac wheel from each other.

Today’s Opposition should entail answers may be popping-up all over the shop today.

This is most likely a wonderful thing as they can cause many to feel truly inspired.

And although your head may be buzzing today, this can actually translate into practical, tangible results.

We have already passed the middle of the month, so Sunday’s intense Scorpio New Moon Supermoon is well underway and waxing.

As a result, you will hopefully soon have a clear idea of what lies ahead.

However, for now, Wednesday is a well-earned window to prepare for any eventuality.

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As the Capricorn Moon harmonises with Uranus and Mercury, this is your chance to make good on your wildest plans.

A Square with Mars galvanises you into action before the day is out.

Squares are widely-known as aspects able to reveal tensions and issues affecting a wide array of people.

Astrology experts consider this to mean you can finally relax a little as the day draws to a close.

Some may complain of feeling they have veered away from their anticipated schedule.

But they should not concern themselves too much if they follow Mercury and Uranus’ inspiring flashes.

As the evening arrives, Red Planet Mars in Aries gets in on the action.

This may result in slowing-down all this energy and bravado in the atmosphere.

Wednesday also ends on a somewhat welcome romantic note – just what is needed after such a hectic day.

You can all thank softly-spoken planet Neptune for this most pleasant interlude.

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