Demi Lovato Reacts Shawn Mendes In My Blood Billboard Music Awards

The ladies aren’t the only ones slaying the 2018 Billboard Music Awards — the gents are doing just fine, too. Take, for instance, Shawn Mendes, who took the stage to perform a beautiful rendition of his hit single, “In My Blood.”

We were seriously loving every single second of it.

One person clearly wasn’t, though… and that person was Demi Lovato. Notice the over-the-shoulder glare and hair flip? Clear signs of not giving a single f*ck:

But, maybe, it wasn’t so much the 19-year-old singer’s latest rendition of his song as much as it was his pals’ reactions? Taylor Swift & Camila Cabello were both spotted bopping along to Shawny’s smooth vocals, so it’s possible that the 25-year-old musician was annoyed with their dancing:

Personally, we found Tay & Cam’s support for Shawn to be all sorts of endearing. More power ’em!

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