‘Destiny 2: Warmind’: How To Get the Sleeper Simulant Exotic Fusion Rifle

Find out how to get this returning ‘Destiny 1’ Exotic weapon in the ‘Warmind’ expansion.

Destiny 2: Warmind marks the return of Guardians grinding out multi-step quests to receive powerful weapons. The Sleeper Simulant Exotic Fusion Rifle is the prime example of this as it sends PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players who have purchased the expansion through a series of difficult tasks. The end result is worth the while so follow along to find out how to earn the weapon once again.

Step 1: Complete the Campaign and World Quest

The first step to obtaining the Sleeper Simulant is to complete the Destiny 2: Warmind campaign and the ‘Data Recovery’ World Quest offered by Ana Bray immediately afterward. The start of the quest is located in the Glacial Drift area and will require Guardians to complete several steps.

A second ‘Data Recovery’ World Quest will then appear in the Braytech Futurescape area to complete. These are all fairly straight-forward as Guardians make their way to Rasputin and receive the IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1 Hand Cannon as a reward. This weapon is the key to rest of the Sleeper Simulant quest, so do not dismantle it and equip it to the Energy Weapon slot for the remainder of the quest.

Return to Ana Bray to wrap up the first step in the Sleeper Simulant quest and receive the ‘Violent Intel’ quest item, which will be placed on the ‘Pursuits’ tab of the character’s inventory.

Step 2: Complete ‘Violent Intel’

The ‘Violent Intel’ quest step has two components that must be completed with the IKELOS Hand Cannon equipped. The kills necessary to complete this step can be earned with any equipped weapon, but IKELOS must be in the Energy Weapon slot.

Guardians will need to simply kill Hive until the progression bar in the ‘Violent Intel’ step is completed. The same will need to be done with Cabal but only precision kills (aka headshots) will count.

Public Events, Escalation Protocol, and Strikes are all good sources to get the necessary kills. Consider doubling this up with any other quest items that have been obtained. For example, the Crimson Catalyst requires precision kills to complete.

Step 3: Complete ‘Rasputin’s Culling’

This is an extremely simple step of killing all Yellow Bar enemies with the IKELOS Hand Cannon equipped. Again, Public Events and Escalation Protocol are the best forms to complete this step.

Step 4: Complete ‘Warmind’s Glory’

This is another relatively simple step in the Sleeper Simulant quest. Guardians will need to complete five Heroic Strikes with the IKELOS Hand Cannon equipped.

Players are not required to get kills with the Hand Cannon, they just need to make sure it is equipped for the entirety of five Heroic Strikes.

Step 5: Complete ‘Nodes and Protocols’

The difficulty ramps up tremendously with this step. Players have two tasks in front of them to complete this Sleeper Simulant quest step. First, players must complete three Escalation Protocol Levels. The good news, since Escalation Protocol is relatively difficult with a flood of enemies at Power level 270, is players will not be required to complete the first three levels. They can simply play through the first level three times to complete this step.

Completing an Escalation Protocol level means killing the boss that spawns at the end of the level before time runs out. This will be something to tackle in as large a group as possible.

The second task in ‘Nodes and Protocols’ is more time-consuming than difficult. It requires the collection of Resonant Stems, which can be earned from completing Patrols, Lost Sectors, and Public Events. 60 Resonant Stems will be required in all as players will need to create 15 Override Frequencies for the next part of the task.

The Override Frequency object will come with a piece of code in the description that describes a location on Mars in Destiny 2: Warmind. For example the code “Dynamo.Approach.Arch” describes the Dynamo Approach area on Mars near something that forms an arch. This happens to be a large rock arch with a node located next to it.

Getting near a node with the accompanying Override Frequency present will cause it to open and play music. Simply approaching and using the node will reward loot and the completion of one small step of the task. Only 14 more to go.

Which Override Frequency is given by combining Resonant Stems is completely random and could result in visiting the same node twice.

Step 6: Complete ‘Protocol “Perfected Form”‘

This is the final step of the Sleeper Simulant quest and will send Guardians off to replay the “Will of the Thousands” mission/strike with the IKELOS Hand Cannon equipped. Note this does have a recommended Power level of 360.

This is easier when completed with a fireteam. Just remember to leave the IKELOS Hand Cannon equipped in the Energy Weapon slot.

Go Get the Sleeper Simulant

With the “Will of the Thousands” mission completed, players can make a quick visit to Ana Bray in her usual spot on Mars to receive the Sleeper Simulant.

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