DIY-fan creates huge Nutcracker decoration using paint and old cardboard

A talented DIY fan has saved hundreds of pounds in cash by making an enormous Nutcracker decoration out of paint, cardboard and other rubbish.

You wouldn’t guess how cheap the item was though as it looks done to a professional standard.

A step-by-step guide to the festive creation was shared to the Facebook group “Christmas The Most Wonderful Time of The Year”.

The DIY-star used a large cylindrical cardboard tube from company Sakrete.

Then, two smaller cardboard tubes were attached to the sides as arms and the base as legs.

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Two empty yoghurt pots make up the feet.

Then, the painting began and the Nutcrackers finally came to life!

The DIY-lover painted the base white before adding black to the hat and feet.

Then, they added pink to the hands and face and blue to the legs with the shoulders being painted yellow.

Paint was also used to add facial features, traditional moustaches and further details to improve the lifelikeness of the figurines.

Gold tinsel, glitter and accessories made the Nutcrackers seem more pricey.

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People shared their love of the creations in the comments.

One woman wrote: “I’m extremely impressed, because full size nutcrackers are very expensive."

“Blinking fab, might have to have a 'crack' at making these,” added another.

A third wrote: “Amazing, I love nutcrackers and all the different designs.

“Due to small space I only have four little ones.”

However, another added that they’d “be scared they'd come and get me in the night!"

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