Does Essie Harrison die in Holby City?

Essie Harrison (Kaye Wragg) is facing a very tough road on Holby City as she deals with her cancer diagnosis.

Sacha has been struggling too, and in previous scenes he misguidedly asked Frankie (Sophie Harkness) to pretend she was still on drugs so that she couldn’t take Isla back.

He’s since been avoiding Essie, which is just about the worst thing he could do given that Essie has a limited amount of time left…

Does Essie die in Holby City?

Essie has been diagnosed with terminal cancer so sadly yes, she will eventually die.

Just like Essie herself, we don’t yet know exactly how much time she has left.

Things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for Essie and Sacha lately, but Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw), realising the two desperately need each other, will convince Sacha to talk to her.

This will lead Essie to the exceedingly romantic decision that she wants the wedding to be brought forward so she can marry Sacha at once.

The whole team will roll their sleeves up to try and give Sacha and Essie the best day of their lives – but will Essie’s illness get in the way?

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