Dr Karl reveals why drinking MORE can help to cure a hangover

How to cure a hangover: Dr Karl confirms there really is only ONE sure-fire way to quickly recover from a huge night out

  • Australian scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki shared tips for curing a hangover 
  • ‘The people’s scientist’, 73, says time or another drink are the greatest healers
  • Hitting the bottle delays hangover by forcing body to break down more alcohol 

Popular scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has shared his simple trick for curing a hangover – and why drinking more alcohol does make you feel better.

Dr Karl, 73, who is dubbed ‘the people’s scientist’, says while having another drink will alleviate symptoms in the short run, time is the greatest – and safest – healer.

‘Unfortunately, a cure is just a bit of alcohol – the hair of the dog – which is a bad pathway to go down,’ he told listeners of the Dr Karl Podcast last week.

Popular scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (pictured) has revealed why drinking more alcohol can help to cure a hangover – but he doesn’t advise it

Hangovers occur when the body begins to absorb methanol, a toxic chemical found in alcohol in trace amounts.

Dr Karl said hitting the bottle again delays this from happening because the body is forced to break down ethanol – the main component of alcohol – instead.

But getting back on the booze is not something he recommends doing. 

‘Some people feel so much better that they then go down the path of becoming alcoholics,’ he explained.

Later in the episode, Dr Karl confessed he has been drunk to the point of vomiting twice in his life.

‘The second time, I thought “I’ll never do this again” – and I never did,’ he said.  

The revelations come weeks after the much-loved scientist revealed what would happen if a person drank a Covid-19 vaccine instead of injecting it into their arm.

Dr Karl claimed stomach acid would likely destroy any vaccine ingested through the mouth.

‘[The vaccine] is optimised to work by a tiny amount of it being injected into the muscle and then various things happen there,’ he explained during an interview on Triple M’s The Danny Lakey Show.

Instructions on Covid-19 vaccines stress they should be administered intramuscularly (above) and not swallowed

He added: ‘The vitamin is not that much, it’s less than a mil, so I’m guessing on average, you could swallow it into your mouth, no worries, and it would go down into your esophagus, no worries.

‘In the stomach, the extreme acidity may very well break it down and destroy it.’

Dr Karl said that while there are vaccines that are swallowed, including for polio, the health industry was moving towards vaccines administered via a spray.

‘We’re now moving to vaccines that work where the centre of all the action is, the lungs,’ he said.

Host Lakey asked whether the vaccine would taste like medicine.

‘It’s only a mil, half a mil, so it would depend on the individual vaccine because there’s so many,’ Dr Karl said.

While a human being’s stomach acid, enzymes and gut bacteria generally kill vaccine antigens, ingestible vaccines for diseases such as polio and rotavirus exist because both of those are gut pathogens.

Earlier this year, the beloved science boffin took to TikTok to share an important message about the risk of dying from a Covid-19 vaccine compared to the disease itself.

‘One in a million is the odds of dying from the AstraZeneca vaccine,’ the expert said.

The figure is taken from Therapeutic Goods Administration data, which shows there have only been nine deaths linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine from more than 9.6 million doses administered across Australia as of August 29.

There have only been nine deaths linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine from more than 9.6 million doses administered across Australia as of August 29

The vaccine has been linked to extremely rare blood clotting incidents but Dr Karl said the risk of dying in a road accident is still much higher at 40 deaths in a million.

He said the chance of dying from Covid-19 once infected is 22,000 in a million, 550 times higher than the risk of being killed on Australia’s roads.

‘22,000 to one. Those are really good odds,’ Dr Karl said. ‘That’s why I got vaccinated as soon as possible – and so should you.’

During Melbourne’s second Covid wave, there were 18,628 cases and 800 deaths as the virus ripped through Victoria’s unvaccinated population in late 2020, according to the state’s Department of Health.

Those figures equate to a death rate of 42,000 in one million.

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