Drake Ready To ‘Go Hard’ In New Diss Track Against Kanye West After His Wild Instagram Rant

Drake is upset over Kanye West’s latest Instagram over letting people think he ‘f**ked my wife’! A source close to Drake told HL EXCLUSIVELY how he’s ‘plotting his revenge’!

After Kanye West railed against Drake for not shutting down rumors that Keke from “In My Feelings” was actually Kanye’s wife, Drizzy is mad as hell. A source close to Drizzy told us EXCLUSIVELY about his enraged reaction. “Drake is furious over Kanye’s rant,” our source said. “Drake is doing his best to practice restraint and bite his tongue right now. He does not want to lash out in anger and say the wrong thing about Kim or Kanye that he may regret later. But Drake cannot let Kanye’s words slide.”

When it comes down to it, Drake is now fully prepared to unleash a fury of words against Kanye in a new diss track. “Drake held back in his latest diss track, but now he’s ready to go hard,” our source went on to say. “Drake is kind of happy that Kanye is bothered by the Keke track. He doesn’t believe all of Kanye’s claims about his baby and baby momma and is convinced Kanye is making up excuses and covering his butt.”

Drake thinks that Kanye ought to know that he’s got plenty of dirt on Kimye. “Drake feels disrespected by Kanye and knows plenty of secrets about him and Kim,” our source added. “Drake is going to take his time writing new material. He wants his response to be thoughtful and well-crafted… He is already plotting his revenge.”

Kanye previously ranted, “You know, if I had a girlfriend from Chicago and her name was ‘Rineeta’ and you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song called ‘RiRi’. Like, ‘Ah I don’t know where it come from?’ — You too smart for that bro.”

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