Dreams do come true! Rich House Poor House shows mums business after millionaires help

Rich House, Poor House: Kiptieu in tears as Adam funds her business

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Adam and his father Ian swapped homes with Kiptieu and her three daughters. Kiptieu’s husband had tragically died, leaving her to raise their daughters alone in South-East London.

In the original Rich House Poor House, Kiptieu and her daughter’s were shocked to discover their spending money would be £1620.16 for the week. This contrasted to the £71.27 she usually survived on, and which Adam and his father had to make last for the week.

That wasn’t the only shock in store for the two groups, as they also moved into each other’s homes.

Ian and his son lived in a four bedroom property in Essex and Adam spoke about his success in his career.

Adam boasted a new Bentley and explained he lived on the “most expensive road in Essex”, and the businessman would often spend time traveling around the world and mixing with celebrities for his job.

Kiptieu, on the other hand, lived in a small council flat based in Abbey Wood, London.

Contrasting Adam’s fast-paced career, Kiptieu revealed she recently lost her job as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Viewers were impressed by Kiptieu and her hard work. One wrote: “She seems such a lovely person – she doesn’t have much but puts everyone above her.”

Speaking of her food delivery service, another added: “Wow. 17 miles on public transport to deliver pre ordered food. Inspirational really. So much dedication.”

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Adam said on hearing Kiptieu’s husband had died, he wanted to “make an impact and help this person”.

On day seven, the two finally met face to face, and discussed the potential of her cooking business, with Adam saying he would be willing to partner with her on it, providing the money to start it up.

So one year on, how are the duo doing?

They both sat down with cameras again to reflect on the experience, and Kiptieu said she felt connected to Adam before even meeting him as she discovered the drive behind his success was his son – and she also said her “why” and the reason for her motivation was her daughters.

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Kiptieu said: “Adam is just perfect with pushing me, and telling me, and giving me advice. I needed that.”

The mum-of-three started off with making a menu for her new business, and found juggling her family and workload difficult.

Adam found a solution – a professional kitchen close to where Kiptieu lived that could be used for her to create her recipes in space and peace.

The business started modestly – but both her and Adam saw wider potential, and launched an ecommerce site.

Kiptieu’s income is already 10 times what it was, although Adam said they wanted to get to “1000 times”.

It wasn’t just Kiptieu’s business which grew – Adam has also expanded his business too, as he said he was “on a mission to help more people”. 

He also made the effort to spend more time with family since the show first aired.

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