Duke of Edinburgh hints at Meghan’s due date with royal travel plans

Has Charles given a clue on when Baby Sussex is due? Prince is due to travel to Germany on May 6 – after remaining in the UK for the births of his other grandchildren

  • Prince Charles, 70, and Camilla, 71, will travel to Germany for tour on 7-10 May
  • It has fuelled speculation that Meghan will give birth within next few weeks
  • Is unlikely the royal would jet off before birth of his new grandchild  
  • Charles has always stayed in the country for birth of other three grandchildren

Royal watchers are eagerly awaiting news of the arrival of Baby Sussex, and it appears that Prince Charles could inadvertently dropped a hint about Meghan’s due date. 

It has been announced that The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will visit Germany from May 7-10. 

Harry and Meghan have previously hinted that their baby is due at the end of April or in early May, and People magazine has pointed out that it is unlikely Charles and Camilla will jet off before meeting their newest grandchild. 

The timing of the visit suggests they are expecting that Baby Sussex will definitely have arrived by May 6.  

This latest clue follows fan speculation over an announcement by Meghan’s makeup artist Daniel Martin – who is currently in the UK – that he will be back in New York to appear at an event on May 5. 

Meghan and Prince Charles have always had a close relationship – and his travel plans seem to hint that she will give birth in the next few weeks. It seems unlikely that the royal will jet off and miss the birth of his fourth grandchild

In the past, Prince Charles has tended to stay close for royal engagements in the UK for the birth of his other grandchildren. 

In the weeks surrounding the birth of William’s three children, Charles’ schedule has been packed full of engagements – but all in Britain. 

It was announced earlier this week that Prince Charles and Camilla will head off to Germany for four days in early May. 

The four-day excursion will also include visits to Berlin, Leipzig and Munich, with the trip said to be ‘at the request of the British Government and will celebrate the UK-Germany relationship and its enduring importance to both countries.’ 

Prince Harry and Meghan have been exceptionally private about the birth of their child, only hinting that the baby is due at the end of April 

Prince Charles’ travel plans were announced earlier this week, and seem to hint that Meghan could give birth within the next three weeks. The royal has always stayed in the UK for the birth of his other three grandchildren 

He is said to be a devoted grandfather, and it seems likely he will be the same for his youngest son Harry’s child, particularly due to his close relationship with Meghan Markle.

He famously walked her down the aisle after her own father was unable to attend the royal wedding last year. 

The pair are reported to have ‘a ‘close bond’ and are often seen giggling together at events. 

While Meghan and Harry want to keep the royal birth private, it seems their friends and family have been hinting at the birth date with their travel plans 

Prince Charles is said to be close to Meghan and even walked her up the aisle on the royal’s wedding day 

And though Prince Harry and Meghan are keen to have a private birth, it seems it’s not just their family who are giving the game away.  

Yesterday, fans were left on tenderhooks after Meghan’s personal friend and makeup artist  Daniel Martin announced he’d be in New York on May 5.

Earlier this month the New York based make up artist was seen in London, prompting speculation that the beauty pro had flown into the city in preparation for applying Meghan’s makeup following the birth of her first child.   

Speculation was rife earlier this week after Daniel Martin, a close friend of Meghan’s, announced he would be back in New York for 5 May. He is expected to do Meghan’s makeup for any post-birth photographs

Daniel Martin sent royal fans into overdrive when he posted this onto Instagram yesterday, announcing he’d be back in New York in less than two weeks 

Speculation around Baby Sussex’s due date has been furious over the past few months, particularly after Harry and Meghan revealed that they will not be announcing the birth immediately, but will instead take a few days to celebrate the arrival in private, before sharing the news publicly.

The parents-to-be released a statement last Thursday explaining the decision, revealing that they will also not be sharing any of the plans surrounding the birth, such as the date or the location.

‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful for the goodwill they have receive from people throughout the United Kingdom and around the world as they prepare to welcome their baby,’ the Kensington Palace statement said.

‘Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private. The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.’

There has been fiery speculation around Meghan’s due date, as she and Harry insist they are keen to keep the baby’s birth private  

Earlier this week former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter, 79, shut down rumors that Meghan had already given birth.

He appeared on Australian show Today Extra, where he discussed several piece of gossip regarding Baby Sussex on Sunday.

‘If you believe that, you’d believe anything,’ he said. ‘We’ll know in due course when the baby is born. Harry and Meghan made it very clear the birth is going to be private.’

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