Duke the beagle rears kitten Boris through lockdown after he was rejected by mum

At two days old, Boris the kitten was rejected by his mum.

The tiny bundle of fluff might not have survived if it wasn’t for the love of rescue beagle Duke at his foster home.

Duke, 10, arrived at Battersea in 2016 when he was found as a stray in Guildford and was eventually adopted by Laura Cushway, Battersea’s Animal Partnerships Manager. 

Laura and Duke have been fostering tiny kitten Boris over the past several weeks after he was rejected by his mother at just two days old.

Thankfully, Boris thrived under their love and care and has now found a new home of his own through animal rescues, Feline Friends. 

Duke has been a loving foster dad to Boris, helping to settle him to feed him and playing with him to keep him entertained.

Laura said: ‘Duke’s funny faces when Boris is playing with him really make me laugh – but he’s proven himself to be so paternal and gentle with such a delicate little kitten.

‘He really shows that rescue dogs have the most wonderful personalities and have so much love to give. I rescued Duke, and now he’s helping me to rescue other animals in return which is amazing!’

Laura wants to raise awareness for Battersea as the charity has seen a significant drop in income as a direct impact of the coronavirus pandemic, losing over £5million so far. 

Visit battersea.org.uk to find out how you can support Battersea, or join the growing community of rescue lovers by using #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.

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