Easter quiz questions and answers

Steve Baker: Pubs and restaurants should be open by Easter

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Easter is the first post-Christmas religious celebration for millions of people around the world. Millions of children will be equally happy to have their spring holidays from March 29, with sweets and chocolate to come. Families can celebrate with a spot quiz and learn a little more about the occasion.

Easter quiz questions

1. What do religious people do on pancake day?

2. What happens to the clocks in spring?

3. Which bird delivers Easter treats to children in Switzerland?

4. Who wrote the tale of Peter Rabbit?

5. What do hot cross buns represent?

6. Where does the most famous Easter egg roll take place?

7. Which Russian firm designed priceless jewel-encrusted eggs?

8. What did Judas betray Jesus for?

9. What does Queen Elizabeth II distribute during Easter?

10. Which food did Jesus liken to his body during the Last Supper?

11. Which liquid did Jesus liken to his blood during the Last Supper?

12. Where was Jesus crucified?

13. Where was the first ever chocolate egg produced?

14. When do you eat hot cross buns?

15. What is the Easter bunny’s name?

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Easter quiz answers

1. Attend confession

2. They go forward

3. The cuckoo

4. Beatrix Potter

5. The crucifixion and embalming of Jesus

6. The White House

7. Faberge

8. 30 pieces of silver

9. Maundy money

10. Bread

11. Wine

12. Golgotha

13. Bristol

14. Good Friday

15. Peter Cottontail

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