Eat Out to Help Out at Premier Inn means mum and two kids can get all-you-can-eat breakfast for £4.50

A BARGAIN hunter dined out on an all-you-can-eat breakfast with her two children at Premier Inn for just £4.49 thanks to Eat Out to Help Out.

The hotel chain has signed up to the government's half price meal deal scheme, which sees 50 per cent knocked off the bill for diners.

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It normally costs £8.99 for a full breakfast at the hotel chain but under the incentive the meal only costs £4.49.

Premier Inn also lets up to two kids under the age of 16 eat for free when an adult orders a breakfast.

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme is available at registered eateries from Monday to Wednesday throughout August and can be stacked on top of other deals.

Rebecca Moseling wrote in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group: "50 per cent off "dine in" offer plus kids eat free means that me and my two children had all you can eat breakfast for just £4.49!!!!

"This offer is on at all Premier Inn breakfast restaurants."

The mum was just one of the hundreds of Brits who rushed out today to enjoy half-price meals starting with breakfast on the first day of the scheme.

The offer means a family of four can eat a cooked breakfast at a Premier Inn for under a tenner.

Prices in London hotels are £1 more expensive so you can expect to pay slightly extra if you're eating at a branch in the city.

Before the pandemic, the full breakfast option was a buffet style meal where guests could serve themselves.

Restaurant buffets have been banned under the new Covid-19 secure guidelines but Premier Inn is still offering the unlimited option as long as you order if through a member of staff.

How to calculate the bill

THE government will pay for half of your bill, up to £10 a head, when you eat out on certain days of the week in August.

To work out how much your bill will be after the discount is applied, you should start by adding together everything that you ordered.

You'll then need to take off any items that it doesn't cover, such as alcoholic drinks and the service charge.

Then, divide this by two to find out half of the bill.

What if it comes to more than £10 per head?

To check that it comes under the £10 per head cap, divide it again by the number of people who are dining.

If it works out as more than this per person, then you'll need to multiply the number of people eating by £10.

You should then minus the answer from the total cost of the items that the discount can be applied to.

For example, four people eat out and the total bill that the discount can be applied to comes to £90.

Half of the bill would be £45, but that's more than the limit.

So you need to minus £40 (£10 per diner) from £90 to get the amount you will need to pay, which in this case is £50.

Diners can choose from crispy back bacon, meaty sausages, scrambled or fried eggs hash browns, beans, cooked tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding, or vegetarian sausage.

The continental breakfast option is also included in the 50 per cent off deal so will cost you £3.50 instead of £6.99 for an adult.

Toast, unlimited hot drinks and fruit juice, as well as yoghurt, porridge and freshly baked pastries are all available on the continental breakfast.

Under the scheme, the government will pick up 50 per cent of the tab – up to £10 per head – when Brits dine in at a registered pub, restaurant or cafe.

But Premier Inn has lifted the cap and will be offering half price meals all day, Monday to Wednesday every week throughout August.

You don't need a voucher and you can use it as many times as you like, meaning after your half price Premier Inn breakfast you can head out to another restaurant for half price lunch.

Some Premier Inn restaurants are open to non-hotel guests but it's worth ringing up your local branch to find out to avoid disappointment.

You can find contact details of your nearest hotel here.

Thousands of chains and independent restaurants around the UK can sign up to the half price scheme – here's how to find out where to get it in your local area.

Plus, here are the Eat Out to Help Out posters to look out for in restaurants to get 50 per cent off.

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