E’Dawn’s Exit From Cube Confirmed Months After HyunA Dating Drama & Fans Send Love

Say it ain’t so! After months of confusion and drama, Cube Entertainment confirmed that E’Dawn is leaving the label. Obviously, fans are shocked!

Hyojong (aka E’Dawn) and Cube Entertainment are parting ways. Cube released a statement on November 14 confirming what we all feared would happen to the Pentagon singer: “Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn agreed to cancel our exclusive contract together on the 14th. We sincerely thank the artists and fans who’ve been with us until now.” It’s disappointing, considering Cube’s previous retraction of E’Dawn’s departure. The company first announced on September 13 that E’Dawn and HyunA of 4Minute were being cut from the label after it was revealed they were dating — a breach of contract.

But later, the label backtracked and said their firing was “up in the air.” HyunA left the label on a month ago, though. Cube released a similar statement confirming her departure: “On October 15, Cube Entertainment and HyunA agreed to terminate her contract. We once again sincerely thank the artist and the fans who have been with her through now.” While it doesn’t mention E’Dawn… we all know what it’s about. This is all so disappointing and sad!

The drama began when HyunA decided to just spill the tea about her long-rumored relationship with E’Dawn on Instagram, after denying the rumors earlier that same week. E’Dawn also admitted to it, and the couple, who were part of the group TripleH together, said, “While we knew that [dating publicly] would cause us to be linked in some way, both of us felt that it would be hard to meet our fans’ eyes [while performing] on stage. We wanted to honestly tell our fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing.”

Obviously, loyal fans are upset by the latest news, and are both expressing their sadness and praising E’Dawn on Twitter. “ok so hyojong has officially left cube now, and what we’re going to do is love him and support him, because even though we’re going to miss him like hell in pentagon, i’m sure this isn’t the end of him or his musical career. #hyojong #edawn we love you,” @mcucookie tweeted. “#EDawn left @cube and I can’t be more happy, their finally have their freedom to be happy together. Being part of a company doesn’t mean you have to live your life the way they want. Speaking about their personal lifes, this was really unfair. +” @intothemoonx also tweeted. And @Pentagon_USA1 sweetly wrote, “As others have said, I hope you find happiness in all you do. Thank you for all you’ve done for Pentagon and Universe. You are not only still in the hearts of your brothers, but Universe as well. Best of luck in your future. #HyoJong #Edawn time to move forward.” It’s all so lovely!

We wish Hyojong and HyunA the best in whatever comes next for the happy couple!

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