Elegance coach reveals the clothes you should NEVER wear in autumn

Is YOUR autumn wardrobe making you look ‘basic’? Elegance coach reveals 8 pieces to avoid to look more upmarket – from ‘common’ Chelsea boots to ‘masculine’ plaid shirts

  • Elegance coach has warned that many of us fall into bad style habits in autumn
  • Anna Bey revealed how to keep yourself looking classy even in colder months
  • In a recent YouTube clip, the School of Affluence shared eight items to avoid 

As the months get colder, clothes get comfier. 

But an elegance coach has warned many women are making themselves look ‘basic’ by not paying better attention to their wardrobe. 

Anna Bey, who splits her time between London and Geneva and runs online business the School of Affluence, explained in a recent YouTube video that autumn fail-safes like plaid shirts and leggings make ‘ladies look like they don’t care’.

Even pieces that might seem upmarket, like Chelsea boots and teddy coats, should be avoided because they’re simply too common’. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the eight wardrobe staples Anna says are best avoided…   

‘Basic’ Chelsea boots 

Anna Bey, who splits her time between London and Geneva, explained in a recent YouTube video autumn fail-safes like Chelsea boots (pictured in stock image)

Anna said: ‘Chelsea boots is a typical everyday shoe. And by the way, I’m not dismissing this shoe at all. 

‘However, the problem with this boot is that women wear it the wrong way. They love wearing it with skinny trousers or skinny jeans, and that’s what makes them look so incredibly basic. 

‘I think this is probably one of the most common looks that we have seen,’ she said, before adding: ‘And it’s not flattering for most body shapes. 

‘You need to have a supermodel body, long, slim legs, tall, to be able to actually look good in this look, but most of us, we don’t have this type of body shape, so for this reason we’re not going to look good, we’re going to look pretty basic. 

‘Worse, is also I think the colour of the boots because you have a lot of brown, and that really downgrades that even more. It really cuts the leg off ladies, so I don’t want you to wear this, you’re going to look short, you’re going to look broader than you are.’

Teddy coats are NOT flattering

Anna isn’t a fan of the teddy coat and compared the garment to a ‘morning robe.’ Stock image

The elegant coach said: ‘Should we just call the teddy coat a morning robe? Because literally that’s how I sometimes feel like it looks like. It looks like you know, you just woke up, you know, you put your morning robe on and you’re just going to brush your teeth.

‘This coat is so not flattering for anyone, especially not if you are not skinny. Us with regular bodies, we cannot get away with it.

The teddy coat doesn’t have a shape, it’s very straight, it’s very boxy, plus the really thick material of it, you look broader, you look bigger, you look masculine and you lose your shape. 

‘So, If you want to get a coat for fall, then definitely get one that has more of a feminine shape, maybe has a belt, maybe it has a defined waist… at least get something a little bit more sleek, with thinner materials.

Casual cargo jackets 

Anna warned against wearing cargo jackets (pictured in stock image), saying they rarely ‘upgrade’ a look 

‘I don’t mind a little bit of cargo for the right occasion,’ said Anna.

‘Look at Kate Middleton as an example, she does work cargo and it works perfectly fine for her, but she would only wear it for the right activity. 

‘Unfortunately, ladies, they turn to cargo in the fall, I don’t know why. But it doesn’t really upgrade a look. Instead, it looks really casual.

‘Why not wear a nice blazer instead or a nice structured coat. You should be looking appropriate for the activity that you’re doing.’

No open toed sandals  

Anna explained how open toed sandals are ‘not appropriate’ in autumn or winter. Stock image

Anna said: ‘Open toed sandals are not appropriate ladies in fall or winter season. It is just not appropriate. 

‘Cheap’ chunky scarves 

‘There is something about the really heavy knit… I feel it looks very plain Jane,’ said the elegance coach.

‘You want to think about if you want to have a really, you know, nice warming scarf that it’s not in this type of material, you want to maybe be of a different fabric, maybe you want to have more I don’t know, a different type of texture. 

‘You just don’t want to have like those big nets. I don’t know, there’s nothing expensive looking about them. I can’t really define why it’s just the way it is.’ 

‘It’s not elegant, and it’s also a bit too cold, you know, it kind of looks weird to tell you the truth. 

‘Now of course there are going to be exceptions, there’s always exceptions with most rules out there.’

She noted that when wearing evening gowns, some open toed sandals might appear flattering to be paired with them, and should still be worn on that occasion.  

‘Please be aware that peep toe shoes, actually, is kind of qualified as a closed shoe so you don’t have to store those away. Those are still fine to wear during winter months,’ she added.

Never pair black tights with colourful shorts or shoes  

The elegance coach said: ‘Black tights worn with shorts of contrasting colour are not OK. Who would wear black tights with blue jean shorts? Doesn’t make sense to me.

‘If it’s a little bit contrasting, let’s say dark grey shorts with black tights, then that’s OK because your pretty much in the same region colour wise.

‘But a contrasting colour looks weird and it doesn’t look flattering, either because black tights with, you know, dark shorts, at least, it will be kind of a monochrome effect and they will kind of elongate, everything, but when there is a contrast in colour, it breaks it off and you actually look shorter.’

Anna added that the same rule applies to wearing contrasting coloured shoes with black tights, and that this should be avoided if possible to ensure your legs looked longer. 

Leggings with high boots make it look like you’ve ‘given up’  

The leggings and high boots combination makes it look like a woman is not ‘elegant’. Stock image

‘This ladies, symbolises, I don’t care, who cares, whatever, I can’t be bothered. I’m lazy.

‘For those who want to be more elegant, we cannot go this direction ladies we really really cannot.

‘It’s certainly not an elegant look, and I think for your personal brands if you are cautious about it, then you have to move away from this type of thing.’

‘Masculine plaid shirts’ 

They might be popular, but Anna says plaid shirts (pictured in stock image) are best avoided

‘Plaid shirts appear very downgraded’, said Anna. ‘It looks very masculine, again it looks like you don’t care. 

‘It’s not going to elevate you, it is going to downgrade you and you are going to look more masculine, so stay away.’

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