Emmerdale’s Suzy Merton star Martelle Edinboroughs life off screen and former soap appearances

Emmerdale welcomed newcomer Suzy Merton into the village earlier this year.

She is set to shake things up with a romance with Vanessa Woodfield. But off-screen Martelle Edinborough has had plenty of soap experience.

The actress, whose exact age is unknown, is originally from Bradford and now lives in Leeds.

She’s previously starred in Coronation Street between 2018 to 2021 in three different roles.

Her first appearance being a court clerk who officiated the trial of Anna Windass after she was charged of wounding Seb Franklin with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

She then play Jasmine Ridgeway in the soap in 2019 and was back again in 2021 for four episodes as Alison Wray, a police family liaison officer who dealt with Abi Franklin after her son Seb was murdered.

Martelle was also in Hollyoaks for three episodes in 2019 as Doctor Keely. She worked at Dee Valley University Hospital's mental health unit where Lily McQueen was admitted.

This isn’t the Emmerdale star's first role on the soap either as she played a doctor on the soap in 2018.

Speaking to Digital Spy when she joined Emmerdale Martelle said she’s still floating on air after receiving the news.

“My feet haven't quite touched the ground yet, I'm still on this massive cloud high up in the sky, but it's been going really, really good.”

"It's just like a family, and it sounds so cliché but it really is and everyone is so lovely and welcoming and helps you settle in really nicely."

She teased that her character Suzy is a “whirlwind of fun”, adding: “She's confident and gregarious and fun to be around. She doesn't take any nonsense at the same time and she likes to get what she wants.”

"She's a really fun character to play, so I'm looking forward to all the different stuff that's coming up for her."

She also hinted at romance between Suzy and Vanessa saying there is “definitely attraction there” between the two characters.

Martelle explained that she almost fainted when she got the news that she’d got the part of Suzy in the soap, explaining that she “fell to her knees and let out a few expletives”.

She added: "What actor from Yorkshire doesn't want to work on Emmerdale? I think it's one of those dream jobs. I am from Yorkshire and I live in Leeds and it's just on my doorstep, it's perfect!"

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