Eric Trump Says He Hates ‘Disloyal People,’ Gets Reminded That His Dad And Brother Cheated On Their Wives

Eric Trump may want to pick his words a bit more carefully next time.

After the second-oldest son of President Donald Trump took to Twitter to declare that he hates “disloyal people,” the whole of social media rose up to remind him that both his father and brother cheated on their wives — multiple times.

The statement was likely in reference to ousted White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has been spilling secrets from her time working for Donald Trump. The former villain of The Apprentice has an upcoming tell-all book, and has been sharing some details including allegations that Trump used racist language and that the White House offered her a $15,000-per-month hush money payment to keep her quiet.

She has chosen otherwise. Omarosa has as many as 200 secretly made audio tapes along with video, emails, and text messages of dirt from the White House that she is reportedly prepared to share.

Donald Trump has already blasted Omarosa for being disloyal to him, even calling her a “dog” in a controversial tweet. Now, his second-oldest son is getting in on it as well. Eric Trump’s tweet declaring that he hates “disloyal” people generated mostly laughs from those who noted that his own family has quite the history of being disloyal in their business dealings and personal relationships.

Many pointed directly to Donald Trump, who very publicly cheated on Eric’s mother, Ivana Trump. Donald would go on to cheat a number of other times, including reportedly sleeping with both adult film star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal, both affairs that took place in the months after current wife Melania gave birth to their son. Eric’s older brother, Donald Trump Jr., was also accused of having an extramarital affair with singer Aubrey O’Day, who had appeared on The Apprentice.

Others noted that Eric Trump himself has a nasty streak of being disloyal. A Forbes report last year noted that his own Eric Trump Foundation appeared to misuse donations meant to help kids fighting cancer. After telling donors that all of their donations would go toward the St. Jude Children’s Hospital, hundreds of thousands of dollar went to other causes including ones that directly benefited the Trump family.

“In 2012, the Eric Trump Foundation made a $25,000 donation to the foundation of a Louisiana artist. The artist, whose paintings sometimes sold for roughly $25,000, created a portrait of Donald Trump for the auction at an Eric Trump Foundation event. It is unclear what exactly happened next, but an identical painting showed up in a 2014 Eric Trump photo shoot, hanging above the couch in his house. A charity spokesperson did not respond to questions about the donation.”

Eric Trump has not responded to those who pointed out the disloyalty of his own family, but has defended his father in a tweet decrying what he saw as dishonest media.

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