Ex-McDonald’s worker shares ‘real reason’ why drinking straws are so big

A former McDonald's worker has answered some fast food lovers' most asked questions – and it's all about the taste.

Michael Ryan, 27, from Boston, US, shared the secrets on TikTok after a viewer asked to know the insider information.

In the clip, viewer Anna says: "If you have worked for a large corporation like a chain of a restaurant or retail place, I want to hear all of the secrets that only employees would know."

Michael then replies: "I worked at McDonald’s and I learned so much s***.

"You think that they’re just fast food and s*** but there’s so much science behind it."

He goes on giving examples like the bigger straws used at McDonald's restaurants before moving on to the famous chicken nuggets.

"For example, your straw at McDonald’s is larger – do you know why it’s larger?" he continues.

"Because it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soda taste better. That’s why it’s better at McDonald’s."

Michael then claims the grilled chicken is injected with a salt water mixture to keep it moist but also flavourful.

He also adds: "McDonald’s actually commissions Coke for their own recipe of syrup, that’s why their coke has a little bit more sugar and a lot more flavour.

"Their ice cream machine is made from whole whipping cream and it’s cleaned once a week."

As for the chicken McNuggets, the former employee said they are produced by an American cooperation called Tyson foods.

Viewers were shocked when they learned about the secrets of the straw.

A McDonald's fan said: "I knew the coke tasted different. McDonald's coke is hands down the best beverage on planet Earth."

Michael added: "When I said coke I meant all their soda! They have a secret recipe for all the soda from Coke that enhances the flavour."

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