Expert reveals how much old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are worth

A VERY Happy Meal! Experts reveal that retro McDonald’s toys could be worth up to £340 for a complete set – so how many do YOU have at home?

  • An antique toy expert has revealed how much McDonald’s toys are really worth
  • The most valuable Happy Meal toy is the Ty Teenie Babies, which can net £338
  • Second is the Underwater Monsters from 1979, which are worth £300 a pop
  • The expert advises to keep them in their original packaging and sell in groups 

If you are lucky enough to have kept your old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys you may have a secret fortune lying in your attic.

It’s rare to find a full set of toys given away anytime from the 1970s to the early 2000s in perfect condition, meaning that anyone with a complete collection could net a small fortune. worked with vintage toy expert Peter Jenkinson to reveal the 15 most valuable McDonald’s toys, which are given away free with children’s meals.

Top of the list is the Ty Teenie Babies that came out in 2000 as just one of the soft toys could net your £338.

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The second most valuable toys are the Underwater Monsters, which came out in 1979 and fetch £300 a piece.

Jenkinson advised budding collectors to keep toys in their original packaging, and if you have a collection of the toys you’ll net much more money than selling one individually.

Below FEMAIL reveals the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that’ll make you very happy with how much money they could bring you…

TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos from 2000 can net £338 each and are much rarer than the versions sold in toy shops

The Underwater Monsters were made for McDonald’s by Diener Industries in 1979 and are worth £300 each

The Robot range from 1979 is also valuable and the toys can get another £300 each

Power Rangers toys from 1994 can fetch £263 if you have the full set still together

A 1995 Inspector Gadget can net you an impressive £263 if you still have a model in good condition

A 1992 set of four toys from the classic children’s show Fraggle Rock collection recently sold for £225

Toys based on the classic video game series Super Mario from 1994 set recently fetched £187

The 101 Dalmatian Toys from 1996 lived up to its name with 101 pieces in the set and if you have all of them you could be sitting on £165

A set of 50th anniversary Snoopy toys from 2000 could earn you a very impressive £135

If you have more than one of these you’re in luck because the  clippable Furby toys from 2000 could fetch you £90 a pop

The Potato Head kids from 1987 could earn your £75 each, so you’re in the money if you have more than one


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