FEMAIL reveals racy storylines to stun Bridgerton viewers

As Bridgerton casts its new leading lady for series two, FEMAIL reveals the racy storylines in the original novels that promise to set pulses racing – from sex in a greenhouse to a romp on the forest floor

  • Regency romp Bridgerton has shocked viewers with racy and graphic sex scenes
  • Each season of the Netflix series is based one of the eight Bridgerton novels
  • Series is packed full of kinky moments, with viewers set for many sexy scenes
  • Here FEMAIL reveals some of the most heated moments from the novels 

While the first season of Netflix’s Regency romp Bridgerton has left fans blushing over its hot and steamy sex scenes, viewers could be in for even saucier moments if the TV show continues to draw inspiration from the book series on which it is based.

The first series of Bridgerton is based on The Duke and I, the first in an eight-part book series by author Julia Quinn. It follows the story of Daphne Bridgerton, one of the eight Bridgerton children, and each of the following seven books is dedicated to one of her siblings. 

Netflix is in pre-production for the second series of Bridgerton, this one following the storyline of the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which tells the story of Anthony Bridgerton’s quest for love. 

Fans of the regency romp Bridgerton could be stunned by sexy storylines in the future seven seasons of the steamy Netflix hit, which is likely to follow in the footsteps of Julia Quinn’s novels and depicts the siblings and their quest for love (pictured, Hyacinth, Colin, Lady Violet, Daphne, Eolise, Anthony, Gregory, Benedict)

The first series of the hit drama , which was based on Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I, became an overnight success after its release on Christmas Day 

This week it was revealed Sex Education star Simone Ashley, 25, will play the woman who wins his heart.

The book is full of moments that are sure to get pulses racing once they’re seen on screen, including one tender scene in which Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey) sucks a bee sting out of his love interest’s breasts. 

Here FEMAIL looks ahead in the Bridgerton books to reveal the raunchy moments fans might expect to see as the series…

The Viscount and Me: Sucking a bee sting from a breast 

The second book in the series for the regency romp is widely considered to be one of the steamiest, and follows Anthony Bridgerton as he searches for a wife

Days ago, it was announced Simone Ashley, 25, will play Kate Sharma, Anthony’s future love interest in series 2 

The second book in the series for the regency romp is widely considered to be one of the steamiest, and follows Anthony Bridgerton as he searches for a wife.  

He is due to marry high society bride Edwina but her sister Kate vows to prevent her only sister from marrying him. However while doing so, she finds herself falling for the Viscount herself. 

Kate is a ‘headstrong young woman who suffers no fools’ and her encounters with the bachelor leave her feeling hot under the collar, while Anthony struggles to reconcile his feelings for his future sister-in-law. 

One particularly heated moment in the novel comes when Kate is stung by a bee in front of Anthony.

The bachelor, who is terrified of bees after his father was killed from an allergic reaction to the insect, ends up sucking the poison from the sting, which happens to be on her chest.

An Offer From A Gentleman: Sofa romps with mother’s house maid

The third book in the series follows the charming and Benedict Bridgerton, played by Luke Thompson in the series, in his quest to find a wife (pictured right, with siblings Colin, Gregory, Eloise and Francesca) 

The third book in the series follows the charming and Benedict Bridgerton, played by Luke Thompson in the series, in his quest to find a wife. 

The illegitimate Sophie Beckett, who works as a servant for her disdainful stepmother, meets Benedict after sneaking into Lady Bridgerton’s famed masquerade ball.

The two fall head-over-heels for one another, but, fearing he won’t accept her for her lowly position in society, Sophie flees and the two are separated.

Years later, without recognising her, he saves her from a young aristocrat trying to rape her and the two stay at his forest cottage. 

In one of the steamiest moments, Sophie and Benedict get hot and bothered on the forest floor, but she insists that she won’t have sex with him for fear of having an illegitimate child.

He installs her as a maid within his mother’s house where he spends the next few months trying to pursued her to have sex with him.

During one particularly shocking scene, Julia writes: ‘His smile was mocking in the extreme. “You’re hardly in a position to ask me anything.” […] He loomed over her, leering rudely. […] “Do you understand,” he said, “what it feels like to be pushed away? How many times do you expect you can reject me before I stop trying?”‘ 

The two finally romp on a sofa within Lady Bridgerton’s home, and the novel ends with the pair deciding to marry.  

Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Soppy wedding night passion 

The fourth novel in the series, which is often deemed the least steamy of the lot, follows Colin’s quest for love as he falls for long-term friend Penelope Featherington 

Often deemed the least steamy of the eight Bridgerton books, the fourth novel in the Bridgerton series follows the love affair between Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughla, and her best friends brother – Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke Newton.

Quinn describes Colin online as ‘tired tired of being thought nothing but an empty-headed charmer, tired of the neverending sameness of his life, and, most of all, tired of everyone’s preoccupation with the notorious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown’.

The mysterious author ‘can’t seem to publish an edition without mentioning him in the first paragraph’. 

Yet when Colin returns to London from a trip abroad, he suddenly falls for long-term family friend Penelope.

The novel, would would be the fourth season of the Netflix show if it continues, is one of the least raunchy of the series.  

There is just one sex scene in the novel, with the main focus of the book Penelope’s revelation to Colin that she is Lady Whistledown, although the TV series will likely be far steamier.

It’s just as well for actress Nicola, who earlier this year confessed she was left mortified watching the show with her mother, due to the ‘non-stop’ sex on screen. 

‘I knew pretty well how the episodes went and the amount of sexiness in them,’ she told Make It Reign podcast. ‘When I showed her the first episode and Johnny Bailey’s bum appeared very quickly into episode one, she was like, ‘what is going on!’  

‘I had to say, ‘it’s not my fault I didn’t write it, it’s romance novels and it’s a really important part of the story,’ but I was still in trouble.’ 

To Sir Phillip, With Love: Hot and heavy in the greenhouse

Claudia Jessie’s character Eloise gets hot and heavy in a greenhouse with future husband Sir Phillip Crane in the fifth book of the series 

Claudia Jessie charmed Netflix viewers with her portrayal of Eloise Bridgerton in series one. 

And viewers have already met her future husband, Sir Phillip Crane, who becomes engaged to Marina Thompson within the first series of the show. 

The fifth book of the series focuses purely on Eloise’s love story with Sir Phillip, a moody ill-mannered widow who proposed because he thinks she will be ‘homely and unassuming.’

As she bonds with his children, the two fall head over heels, with their sexual tension sizzling as they spend time looking after Sir Philip’s peas in the greenhouse.

During the first night of their marriage, Eloise tenderly notices whip lashes on Sir Phillip’s back from his father’s beatings, before the pair have sex.

When He Was Wicked: Sex with dead husband’s cousin in a thunderstorm

The character Francesca Bridgerton may have only played a small part in the first series of the drama, but Ruby Stokes’ role will likely be ramped up if the programme continues into its sixth season.

Many fans consider the sixth book in the series, When He Was Wicked, to be the sexiest of the eight.  

It follows Michael Stirling, London’s most infamous rake, who falls in love with Francesca moments before she marries his cousin John Stirling. 

Years later, with John tragically dead and long gone, Michael is the earl and Francesca is free.  

Michael travels to India and spends four years to soothing his wounds, grieving his cousin and drowning his sorrows over his separation and unrequited love for Francesca.

However disaster strikes when he gets malaria during his trip, and Francesca desperately tries to nurse Michael back to health.   

One of the raunchiest scenes in the novel sees two couple romping in an abandoned groundskeeper lodge during the middle of a thundering rain storm.

Julia penned: ‘“Will you let me kiss you?” he whispered. She didn’t move. He leaned toward her. “I told you I wouldn’t seduce you without your permission,” he said, his voice husky, his words falling mere inches from her lips. 

‘Still, she didn’t move. “Will you kiss me, Francesca?” he asked again. She swayed. And he knew she was his.’    

And what of the youngest Bridgerton children? 

All in His Kiss

The steamy penultimate novel of the Bridgerton series sees the scheming and sexy Hyacinth Bridgerton offer to help Gareth St Clair to translate an old family diary from Italian into English.

The book is packed full of kinky sex scenes between the ‘devilishly outspoken and fiendishly smart’ Hyacinth and Gareth, with the two barely touching the diary before ripping one another’s clothes off.

In one kinky scene, Julia penned: ‘He moved, forward and back, the friction whipping her into insensibility. She reached, she clawed, she grapsed – anything to bring him closer, anything to reach the tipping point….

‘Something within her began to tighten and coil, twisting and tensing until she was certain she would shatter.” 

On the way to the wedding  

The final of the Bridgerton novels follows the romantic Gregory Bridgerton, who has his heart set on true love. 

The sexy bachelor, who is just a child during the first series of the show, falls for the ravishing Miss Hermione Watson, who is in love with someone else. 

Similarly to the first season, in which sparks fly between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings at a party, the pair become breathless while dancing with one another.

Julia wrote: ‘He took her hand and led her to the floor. The waltz was in full swing, and they quickly found their place in the music. It seemed to lift them, render them as one. Gregory needed only to press his hand at her waist, and she moved, exactly as he anticipated. They spun, they twirled, the air rushing past their faces so quickly that they had to laugh. It was perfect. It was breathless. It was as if the music had crept under their skin and was guiding their every movement.’

Her best friend, the ever-practical Lady Lucinda Abernathy offers to help Gregory win her over. But in the process, Lucy, who is engaged to someone else, falls in love with Gregory.   

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