Flavio Frederico to Direct Brazilian Bank Robbery Movie ‘São Paulo Heist’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Flavio Frederico (“Urbânia”) is directing Brazilian bank robbery movie “São Paulo Heist” (“Assalto Na Paulista”) about a notorious crime that went down in 2010.

Eriberto Leão (“Paradise City”) and Bianca Bin (“Cordel Encantado”) star.

Leão plays Rubens in the movie, a notorious criminal who decides to pull off one last heist with his adopted daughter Leônia (Bin) and his gang. The group set out to target a bank in the heart of São Paulo – Brazil’s financial center – but soon things go awry as the gang turn on each other. Soon, Rubens and Leônia are struggling with their own values as the tale comes to a climactic finale.

“Our main goal is to make a movie of high entertainment potential that is also artistic and deep” said Frederico. “In this sense, the film is simultaneously constituted as an action movie and as a drama, which is structured and built upon three distinct but intersecting narrative lines: the bank heist itself, the lives of the two main characters, and the growing tension of human relationships during the action.”

U.S.-based sales agent MultiVisionnaire Pictures are repping international sales, which have launched at Cannes. The world premiere market screening is set to take place on May 21.

MultiVisionnaire managing partner Sean Haley, who acquired the film, added: “We’ve admired Flavio’s talent for many years and when we had a chance to see his latest film during work-in-progress, we knew we had a gem. We feel very fortunate to finally able to cooperate with Flavio, and we’re very excited to bring the finished film to Cannes. Buyers looking for a high-quality independent film will not be disappointed.”

“São Paulo Heist” will get a theatrical release in Brazil this summer.

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