Florida Photographers Capture Moment Alligator's Snake Lunch Tries to Escape Animal's Huge Jaws

The state of Florida witnessed yet another odd alligator moment this month.

According to the Miami Herald, Jesse and Linda Waring were walking through Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida, on Saturday when they spotted a shocking sight: a big alligator trying to wolf down a snake for lunch.

Unfortunately for the gator, the snake was not interested in becoming a snack. Fortunately for the Warings — two photographers that own BirdWalk Photography — they were able to capture photos of the snake’s daring escape attempt.

“Jesse’s eagle eye spotted this big guy working on his lunch and his lunch trying to escape!” Linda Waring posted on the BirdWalk Photography Facebook page along with a series of shots showing the determined snake trying to wiggle its way out of the alligator’s maw.

In the photos, the reddish, wriggling snake — likely a banded water snake — almost looks like the larger reptile’s tongue. While the pictures show some of the action, Linda told WKMG about the reptile vs. reptile drama that the still photographs couldn’t capture.

“The gator would chomp down and close his mouth and each time it seemed like the end. Then when he opened his jaws, the snake was still trying to fight his way out,” she told the CBS affiliate.

The Warings watched the lunchtime battle for 10 minutes before the gator finally dealt a fatal blow to the snake.

Linda said this encounter shows that “you really never know what you’re going to get” when you go out into nature with patience and a camera.


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