Foodies divided over Asda’s new steak and ale pie pizza dubbed an ‘abomination’

Foodies have been left divided over Asda’s latest outlandish pizza creation – with some calling it an “abomination”.

The supermarket’s Stonebaked Thin and Crispy Medium Pizza now comes in Steak and Ale Pie flavour, priced at £3.50.

Posting on Facebook, Asda said: “You won’t believe your pies!

“Ale and mushroom sauce loaded with succulent steak, red onion, tangy cheese, all topped with crispy mini puff pastry pie lids.”

While it might sound a bit weird that the supermarket has combined a meat pie with a pizza it is National Pie Week from March 1 to 7.

So, maybe it’s the perfect way to celebrate?

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But, not everyone was excited to try the unusual combination as Reddit users took to the CasualUK forum to discuss it.

One person said: “Not sure if this is an abomination, or a stroke of genius.”

To which a fellow Brit replied: “I'm pretty sure it's the former.

“Like bacon? Like waffles? Like pancakes? Like sugar? Like chocolate? Like burgers? Then you’ll love our bacon waffle pancake chocolate syrup burger.

“No sir, no I will not.”

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A foodie wrote: "Soooo a steak and ale pie, and a cheese and onion pie had a malformed monster offspring.

"Will no one think of the children? Destroy it."

“I think if they had stopped before adding the puff pastry lids it might have worked,” claimed another.

While a fourth said: “Everything about that is a ‘no’.”

And a jokester noted: “Every day we stray further from God's light.”

Some were intrigued by the pie pizza though.

One fan said: “You say that but the doner kebab pizza from the kebab shop is pretty good.”

“I mean, I’d buy it,” said a second. “My curiosity and stomach are intrigued.”

“Not gonna lie, it had me at pie,” commented an intrigued diner.

Deborah Haigh, category planner for ready meals at Asda, said: "Following the success of our Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza last year, we wanted to delight our customers with another classic hybrid to celebrate National Pie Week.

“We know our customers are potty for a good pie, so we wanted to give them something really special to celebrate with."

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