‘Frozen’ actor grabs pro-Trump flag from audience member during curtain call

A “Frozen” actor is standing by his decision to yank away an audience member’s pro-President Trump flag during the Broadway musical’s performance in New York Wednesday.

The act sparked a firestorm on social media after the video was published online. 

A person in the crowd at the St. James Theatre wearing a “Make America Great Again” visor opened a “Trump 2020” banner during the curtain call.

As the cast took their bows, actor Tim Hughes said he noticed the banner and felt upset over the cast being disrespected. 

Hughes, who plays the character of Pabbie, is seen on video – apparently taken by a spectator in the audience and now making the rounds on social media – snatching the banner and tossing it behind him on stage. Hughes and the rest of the cast then proceed to finish their bows.

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