Gabrielle Ruiz Reveals Why ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live’ Is A ‘Perfect Way To End’ The Show

While we’re so sad the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ has come to an end, the cast reunited for a final hurrah at Radio City & Gabrielle Ruiz reveals why it was the perfect idea!

While Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just sadly wrapped its final season, the cast and creators continue to provide us with musical and comedic relief in the form of their spectacular event at Radio City Music Hall! Ahead of the show, Gabrielle Ruiz, who played the villain-turned-beloved Valencia on the CW show, spoke on the HollywoodLife podcast about the Radio City performance and how she prepared for her character’s epic musical numbers!

“It’s a perfect way to end. We are such a musically-centric show,” Gabrielle said of the decision to hold a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live show. “We could celebrate all the songs and Rachel [Bloom] can really do her thing, because if you think she’s magical on the show, seeing her live as not only the star, but the emcee of this beautiful concert special that we’re going to have, it’s out of this world.” She teased that we will see her as Valencia singer her songs, but at the same time, be the “ensemble backup dancers and singers.” “We feel like our show is small but mighty in a way with our fans,” Gabrielle explained. “It’s not just for us or for the creative team. This is for the fans.”

When it came to perfecting her musical numbers, Gabrielle said, “Coming from the theater world, I’m used to rehearsing from noon till six and then eight to 11 schedule on stage. A lot of my live theater skills came in handy where you just are given choreography.” She added, “Our choreographer would send us a song that we were parodying and I stayed in my lane and I would do my homework on the theme of the song.”

“Were we being Spice Girls? Were we being The Temptations? What’s the style and why is that so iconic? And then we were able just to trust the lyrics and the add ins that were available to it. I have to say I had the time of my life. I really did,” Gabrielle laughed. We had the time of our lives watching her! Click here to listen to the full podcast! 

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