Gillian Anderson Was Mortified to See the Queen Struck by a Rogue Scarf

Finals day of the Royal Windsor Cup in Windsor reliably draws Queen Elizabeth II, but this year's edition, held on Sunday, brought a surprise guest: Gillian Anderson, who ended up getting some field experience with royals—and particularly royal protocol—ahead of portraying Margaret Thatcher in season four of The Crown.

As usual, a polo match made up much of the day's agenda. But this time, the real action took place not on the field, but in the stands—specifically in the royal viewing box, where the Queen joined an array of relative commoners, including Anderson, the former boxer Chris Eubank, the actress Felicity Jones, and, most importantly, the Japanese musician Yoshiki, whose all-black ensemble and sunglasses stood out in stark contrast to the Queen's magenta coat and hat. Unfortunately for Yoshiki, that made it all the more visible when disaster struck—which is to say when a gust of wind sent his scarf flying into worst possible direction: right towards, and then right onto, the Queen herself.

Gillian Anderson, Yoshiki, and Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Windsor Cup Final at Guards Polo Club on June 23, 2019 in Egham, England. (Photo by )

For one brief moment, the show simply went on; the Queen carried on with making her way down to the field, where she was set to present the winners with their trophies, leaving Yoshiki in her wake. Given that he'd arguably just broken two "rules" of royal protocol—both touching and stepping in front of the Queen—he, too, seemed relatively unbothered. After literally dropping his jaw, the musician hastily reeled his scarf back to where it belonged and even flipped his hair. (His followers have since begun to thank him for "the new meme inspiration.") Anderson, on the other hand, remained mortified.

Gillian Anderson watches Yoshiki’s scarf blow onto Queen Elizabeth II during the Royal Windsor Cup at the Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park, Egham, Surrey.

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As for the 93-year-old Queen, well, rest assured that she survived unscathed.

Queen Elizabeth II holding a trophy during the Royal Windsor Cup at the Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park, Egham, Surrey.

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Queen Elizabeth II with two corgis at her home at 145 Piccadilly, London, 1936.

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