Girlfriend is shy of showing me off to friends and I fear she is into her ex

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE been with my girlfriend for a year yet she never shares photos of the two of us together on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

We are both 28 and I have fallen heavily for her.

We recently had a lovely holiday in the Caribbean and she took some great pictures of us together but she has not put anything on social media about us or the holiday.

Yet when she went away for a weekend with a girl mate she posted loads of shots of them.

When I asked her why, she said social media is meaningless but she is always on her phone, going on Instagram and putting pictures there, then sharing them on Twitter and Facebook.

Her ex always likes her pictures and I believe she posts them so he will see them.

He left her a couple of months before we got together but about three months ago he started texting her.

I said that showed her ex-boyfriend is a creep but she went all defensive and said I was insulting her judgment.

Whenever I ask her about him she says her emotions are all over the place because she didn’t get closure with him.

DEIDRE SAYS: You could get miserably stuck like this for months.

Tell your girlfriend that if she is so unsure of her feelings, it’s best for you to take a big step back while she decides what she really wants.

If you are the right one for her, she should wake up to what she risks losing.

It would then be reasonable for you to ask that she stops all this private texting with her ex.

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