‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fall Finale: Major Secrets Are Revealed In The Midst Of A Wind Storm

Seattle was hit with a huge wind storm during the Nov. 15 fall finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, but that ended up being the LEAST of everyone’s worries!

The Grey’s Anatomy Nov. 15 fall finale left us with so many cliffhangers, we don’t even know where to begin in rehashing it all! But alas, we will try. Let us begin with the fact that Teddy finally told Owen she’s pregnant with his baby! It only took her half a season to do so, but hey — we’re not judging. She told the baby daddy in the middle of a surgery, so he barely had any time to react. However, when he finally did, he seemed completely shocked. It’s what he always wanted — but it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Amelia just revealed she wants to officially foster Betty (yes, Betty’s back) — another step in the process of her and Owen building a family together. But little does she know that Owen and Teddy are about to drop a major bomb on her. While the episode ended with Owen discovering he’s about to be a biological father, Amelia’s still left in the dark — literally, too. In the final seconds, as she, Owen, and Teddy boarded an elevator together, the power in the hospital completely shut down. Yikes!

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