Guardian Of The Galaxy: How Chris Pratt Became A Hollywood Star

Christopher Michael Pratt is an American actor known for his contribution to television and his supporting and leading roles in some of Hollywood’s most critically and commercially successful films. Pratt began his career as a television actor and is primarily known for portraying the ‘Andy Dwyer’ character on the hit NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation.

Pratt was nominated for the ‘Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series’ in 2013 for his contribution to the Parks and Recreation television series and has since capitalized on his television success to solidify his stance as one of Hollywood’s most versatile and hardworking actors in the modern era. Pratt’s flourishing career on the big screen has helped him amass a substantial fan following and a generous fortune, with the American news magazine Time naming him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.

A Rough Start For Pratt

Chris Pratt’s nonchalant approach to his life and future as a teenager did not necessarily steer him into a path of self-destruction.

Upon his graduation from Lake Stevens High School in 1997, Pratt’s academic career took a turn for the worse. A young and directionless Chris dropped out of his community college halfway through the first semester and would undertake various odd jobs to support himself financially.

Pratt worked as a discount ticket salesman and even took up a job as a daytime stripper before ending up homeless in Maui, Hawaii. Pratt would hold his own against all odds and even described his stint as a homeless person to be ‘pretty awesome’.

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The Beginning Of Chris Pratt’s Journey As An Actor

The year 2000 would be a whole lot kinder to Pratt’s personal and professional existence. While waiting tables at the ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp Company’ in Maui, Chris Pratt caught the attention of actress and director Rae Dawn Chong.

A nineteen-year-old Chris Pratt was cast in the directorial debut of Chong, with the filming of her short horror flick Cursed Part 3 slated to take place in Los Angeles.

Pratt’s career as an actor began to unfold, with the talented artist securing his first television regular role on the American television drama series Everwood. Pratt’s stint as ‘Harold Brighton Abbott’ would hugely influence his career going forward, with the eventual cancellation of the series doing little to derail his success as an actor.

Chris’ Big Breakthrough

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After the cancellation of Everwood, Pratt would find success in joining the cast of the American teen drama series The O.C for its fourth season. Pratt’s relevance in the entertainment industry would remain intact with his critically-acclaimed portrayal of activist ‘Winchester Cook’.

The year 2009 would prove to be an interesting one for the talented artist. Pratt’s portrayal of the fictional character ‘Andy Dwyer’ on the critically acclaimed NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation would garner a positive reception from critics and audiences alike, with the decided temporary stint of the character morphing into a series regular.

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Pratt’s First Taste Of Hollywood Success

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Pratt’s overwhelming success as ‘Andy Dwyer’ on the hit NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation provided him a host of opportunities as an actor in the dazzling world of Hollywood.

At this point, Pratt was on the radar of some of Hollywood’s most established entertainment executives. However, the television actor’s transition to the big screen was far from seamless.

Pratt was considered for the part of Oakland Athletics first baseman/catcher Scott Hatteberg for the 2011 American sports drama film Moneyball but almost lost the part due to his overweight appearance.

After shedding a whopping 30 pounds, Pratt would secure the role and further refine his talent as an actor.

Chris Pratt would continue to flourish on the big screen, with his supporting roles in big-budget Hollywood blockbusters like the 2011 American romantic comedy flick 10 Years and even the 2012 American thriller film Zero Dark Thirty earning him immense critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

A Turning Point

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While Chris Pratt was now a notable personality in the competitive world of Hollywood, the Parks and Recreation actor’s major turning point in his flourishing career came in 2014.

Pratt would headline the 2014 computer-animated adventure comedy film The Lego Movie and Marvel Studio’s critically and commercially successful American superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy, with the latter grossing a whopping $773.3 million at the box office.

Chris Pratt was now an established Hollywood megastar with a stellar resume. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor continued to taste success on the big screen, with his leading role in the 2015 American science fiction action film Jurassic World as well as its 2018 sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom turning out to be box office hits.

Chris Pratt’s steady ascend to the top of the summit of success in the dazzling world of Hollywood details the importance of hard work. Pratt’s teen years were riddled with issues that could have easily derailed his comeuppance as an actor. However, with a bit of luck, Pratt nurtured his natural-born abilities as an actor. The Guardians of the Galaxy superstar flawlessly capitalized on his success as a television actor to make the tedious transition to Hollywood and has since become an A-list celebrity. Chris Pratt’s stay in Hollywood isn’t quite finished yet, and one can expect his mesmerizing $80 million fortune to snowball in years to come.

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