Hamster owner creates mini sets for him including Hogwarts and Coronation Street

Pet owner Lisa Murray-Lang, 44, enjoys spoiling her Syrian hamster, Spud.

Lisa uses cardboard boxes and dolls furniture to recreate iconic scenes for Spud to explore.

She hand-crafts every element – including tiny bar stools and hamster-themed artwork on the walls.

Lisa – a former graphic designer – tweaked the logos for her latest creation, turning the pub from Coronation Street into the ‘Rodent’s Return’ and Hogwarts into ‘Hamwarts’.

It takes Lisa up to three days to complete each set but she doesn’t mind as it gives her something to do in lockdown.

Lisa, a professional dog walker, has had to temporarily stop working and turned to model-making to pass the time.

Spud’s adventures have also taken him to 10 Downing Street and the National Gallery.

Lisa, from Birmingham, said: ‘Spud loves it – he’s always excited for his next adventure.

‘Every time time I get him out and it’s just to go in his ball now he’s disappointed.

‘Finding miniature dolls furniture online has opened up a whole new world.

‘I found him a tiny pair of gold glasses so Spud could look like Harry Potter. It’s a bit of fun and it gives me something to focus on.’

Lisa got Spud, who she named after the character in Trainspotting, in June 2019.

She started making the tiny scenes in March when the UK went into lockdown.

Lisa was first inspired by a video of guinea pigs running around a miniature scene.

She said: ‘My job as a pet sitter and dog walker came to a grinding halt during lockdown.

‘I needed a way to stay busy and then my friend sent me a video of guinea pigs in a tiny art gallery.

‘I thought: “That’s it, Spud has to go too!” And I got to work making my own version.’

For the things she couldn’t craft, such as beer taps for the pub, Lisa ordered doll house furniture online.

She said: ‘Any cardboard from deliveries we got has been a new adventure for Spud.

‘After making the art gallery, his next adventure was going to be a pub.

‘But it couldn’t just be any pub – it had to be an iconic one like The Rover’s Return.’

Lisa, who also has four cats, is hoping to turn Spud’s adventures into children’s books one day and has launched a crowdfunding page to pay for it.

She said: ‘Looking at me, you might think I’m mad, but it’s a bit of fun.

‘I’ve not got many options during lockdown so it’s a nice way to keep busy.’

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