Heinz is now selling bundles of baby food that you can have delivered to your door

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HEINZ had added a bundle of baby meals to its recently launched online delivery service.

The company is selling a box of 20 of its meals for kids aged over four to six months for £20, plus a £3.50 delivery charge.

It is the latest edition to its Heinz to Home range, which launched last month with bundles of the company’s sauces and soups which can be ordered online here.

The baby bundle includes:

  • Six 100g pouches of hearty veg with turkey 
  • Six 100g pouches of strawberry, banana, raspberry and apple
  • Six 120g jars of cheesy tomato pasta
  • One six-pack of egg custard
  • One 240g pack of creamy banana porridge

In terms of cost, the bundle probably works out slightly more expensive than you might pay in a supermarket though

We found the turkey and veg pouches for around 99p each in Asda, although multipack offers could be cheaper.

The fruit pouches are around 75p each in B&M, while the jars are around 65p each on Ocado’s website.

A six pack of egg custard costs £2 in Sainsbury’s, while the creamy banana porridge is £2.75 in B&M.

That would mean a total cost of just over £19 – but you would have to visit a number of places to get all the products.

Heinz bundles

The Heinz to Home service currently sells three bundles:

  • Sauces bundle with tomato ketchup, salad cream, Seriously Good mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and Saucy sauce
  • Essentials bundles with baked bean, spaghetti hoops and cream of tomato soup
  • Baby bundle with hearty veg with turkey, strawberry, banana, raspberry and apple, cheesy tomato pasta, egg custard, creamy banana porridge

Heinz promises to deliver in three days, making this a potentially easy way for parents and carers to get their hands on Heinz baby food without needing to leave their home. 

Heinz has also recently extended delivery to Northern Ireland.

If you work for the NHS, the emergency services, are a social care worker, or are in the Armed Forces and have a Blue Light Card or health service discounts, you can qualify for free and priority delivery. 

Jojo de Noronha, president of Kraft Heinz Northern Europe, said: “As a mother, I understand the anguish that comes with ensuring small babies are fed well. 

“This is magnified during uncertain times, not to mention how hard it can be simply getting to the shops whilst looking after little ones, which is hard enough without a pandemic. 

“This is why we’ve launched our new Heinz for Baby bundle, and is why we’ve also just donated 170,000 free baby meals and snacks to NHS staff and frontline workers across the UK to say thank you for their incredible work keeping us safe.”

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Home Bargains has recently launched its own delivery box.

And Aldi now sells a £24.99 food essentials box.

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