Here’s What’s Inside The $387 Million, World’s Most Expensive, Penthouse In Monaco

From dazzling views to huge DJ stations to even million-dollar NFT galleries if you’re lucky enough, the sky truly is the limit of just how far architects will design their high-end residences to satisfy their loaded clients. Of all the categories of lush buildings a person can acquire, nothing says jet setter like a lavish penthouse. It’s the staple of success for many. Whether you’re an affluent bachelor in a big city or an influencer on the top of the social media game, having a penthouse is the perfect way of signifying that you’ve made it.

Though, you’d have to be beyond rich to afford this stunning Moroccan abode. Priced at $355 million, La Tour Odeon’s Tower Penthouse is the most expensive penthouse in the whole world!

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A Skyscraper Penthouse

The lucky owner of this masterpiece can thank Alexandre Giraldi for the beyond innovative design. As a native to the country, Giraldi put particular focus on showcasing magnificent 360-degree views of the Mediterranean Sea through the wall-to-floor windows. From out into the distance, you can witness the sunrise and set over Morocco, as the penthouse cover five stories. Fun fact: spanning 170 meters high, La Tour Odeon is currently the principality’s tallest building! So, calling this place your own would be some pretty hefty bragging rights.

While it’s certainly a sight for sore eyes on the outside, the inside is where the party’s at. A penthouse of this magnitude wouldn’t be complete without a humongous pool. La Tour Odeon takes it one step further, giving its affluent resident an infinity pool to host the most lavish of gathering. What really takes the 31,500-square foot space over the top is the massive indoor water slide. Guests start their ride a floor above on the dance floor and drop on into the infinity pool below. What could be funnier than that?

The penthouse truly is the piece of residence for La Tour Odeon, as it covers five whole floors of living space. The penthouse comes with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a home theater. As if that isn’t fancy enough, there is a kitchen on every single floor!

The Construction

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took a great deal of time to construct such a daring project. In total, it took five years for La Tour Odeon to be fully constructed on 30 Avenue de l’Annonciade. Developed by luxury real estate giant Groupe Marzocco, the building began site preparation and demolition in late 2009.

The ground floor was completed in 2011. By the end of 2012, construction had been completed all the way to the twenty-fifth floor. La Tour Odeon’s structural work wrapped up in July 2013, and its facade cladding followed completion within the next year. After a bit of sprucing went into the common area, La Tour Odeon was finally open for residence in 2015.

Penthouse Competition

As of 2021, there is no other penthouse in the world that tops La Tour Odeon’s when it comes to price. With all the amazing amenities, breathtaking views, and balcony space (not to mention the water slide), how could there be? Only a select few even come close to comparing to this massive nine-figure price tag.

Going for around $247 million, London’s One Hyde Park Penthouse offers its residences two floors of living space and magnificent views of the famous park. Nothing says bespoke like a glass fireplace, and this penthouse has just that! There’s a glamorous champagne room with over 700 of the finest bottles waiting to be devoured. A huge selling point for this property, aside from the lush amenities and views, is its proximity to some of London’s finest eateries. There’s plenty of high-end shopping to be done around the building too.

Over in North America, the priciest penthouse is in none other than – you guessed it – Midtown, Manhattan. For the price of $100 million, you could call One57 your new home. As New York’s tallest residential building, One57 towers over 1,004 feet and has almost 100 luxury condos for the highest of NYC socialites. In buying this pad, you’d be receiving access to six bedrooms, a library, and your very own steam room. According to Expensive World, One57’s penthouse made real estate history as the first penthouse in New York City to be priced higher than $100 million!

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