Homeless grandad brutally pelted with apples by bike yobs as he slept in doorway

Yobs brutally pelted a homeless grandad with apples as he slept rough over Christmas.

Richard Parker, 46, woken when the bike-riding mob, aged around 13 or 14, launched the rampage in Grimsby that also saw them allegedly attack a takeaway.

The 46-year-old said he was attacked with fruit as he tried to sleep on an improvised bed outside a PureGym in the town.

"One kid threw an apple at the back of my head," he told Grimsby Live. "Then his mate through an apple at my jaw. He shouted ‘bag head’ at me.

"It lasted about half an hour. They kept coming back three or four times throwing apples into where I was sleeping and that."

Richard said the attack indicates a "social problem" that has left him wondering: "Where are the parents?"

The Thursday night incident is the latest in a line of taunts and attacks homeless Richard has suffered while sleeping rough in Grimsby town centre.

"It’s been tough on the streets," he said. "In day time it’s alright but on a night people take stuff from your bed. I don’t carry a lot anymore.

"They call you a ‘bag head’, ‘smack head’, ‘spice head’. They associate homelessness with drug use – and that’s just wrong. Other factors are there too."

Richard, who suffers from schizophrenia, became homeless in August 2017 when he was kicked out by his landlord after his East Marsh flat was smashed up by youths.

After a series of thefts of his belongings, he now only carries his blue sleeping bag with him, is constantly vigilant and fears for his safety.

He said: "I’m on edge about sleeping out tonight, but I just have to get on with it.

"They throw things at us because they seem to be cowards. They don’t seem to want to actually have a fight with us. They just want to cycle around and throw things."

He added: "If I moved on, they would probably find me again. There’s not many places to sleep. It’s supposed to be safe in the town centre, but it’s not."

Richard used to live in a tent, but this was stolen by thieves, meaning he is left completely exposed to the elements.

He occasionally sees his mum, who lives on the East Marsh while his 22-year-old daughter and baby grandson live in Lincoln.

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