Horror Legend Eli Roth Forecasts The Next Horror Hit, Says It Will Reflect America’s Political Divide

During a panel for Eli Roth’s upcoming AMC Visionaries:Eli Roth’s History of Horror— releasing on October 14, 2018 — the director said that he sees something besides reality TV as the next wave of horror, unlike movie star Robert Englund, who also spoke out at the TCA. The horror legends discussed at the 2018 TCA not just movies, but what truly scares people, particularly in America right now. Deadline reported on the event, citing mostly about actor Robert Englund’s remarks surrounding the casting choice for the actor or actors to play Freddy Krueger. Here at the Inquisitr, more detail was given into Englund’s opinion, which seems to be not only drawing a lot of attention since Freddy himself says he never thought he should have been the only guy taking on that role, but is provoking conversations among horror fans in general. During the talk, Englund also gave his thoughts on where the horror industry was heading. It would seem Eli Roth disagreed, forecasting his own idea.

According to Eli Roth, he believes that everyone will be seeing a new kind of horror hit in two, maybe three, years that depicts and taps into America’s current state of political “nightmare.” Cited in his reasoning is The Walking Dead. The show debuted back in 2010, and many pundits have linked the series to the 2008 mortgage crisis, as well as the fear of being displaced. Apparently Eli Roth thinks such a connection is fair, and sees another smash horror hit doing the same thing in regards to what many might call America’s political divide.

“I do feel like in two or three years a horror show will reflect the political divide in the country.”

Horror fans will be waiting to see who has their finger on the horror pulse more, Englund, who says reality television will take the form of, “watching a snake eat a pig…you can’t look away,” or Roth. In the meantime, viewers have the upcoming Eli Roth’s History of Horror to look forward to seeing on AMC this fall. There will be seven episodes, each one an hour long. The series’ storyline will take an in-depth look at horror films, with Eli Roth playing the role of host. Other horror icons set to be featured on Eli’s show include none other than the master of horror himself, Stephen King, as well as: Rob Zombie, Haley Joel Osment, Jack Black, John Landis and Jamie Lee Curtis, Englund, Linda Blair, Tippi Hedren, Quentin Tarantino, Jordan Peele, and Jason Blum.

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