How do I tell my girlfriend that I'm addicted to cross-dressing?

I am 35, she is 33 and I love her dearly.

I do not want to lose her but I think she will finish with me if she finds out the secret is that I am addicted to cross-dressing.

I do it in my own house and she does not know anything about this. I have tried to stop but it always starts again.

My girlfriend has started talking about us moving in together but I am worried, because my previous relationships have fallen apart over it.

DEIDRE SAYS: A man cross-dressing can be accepted by some women.

Talking to your girlfriend about it is the only way you can find out if she could.

My e-leaflet Worried About Cross-Dressing? will help you explain to her.

If she cannot accept it, do not be tempted to say you will stop. It’s a part of your personality you can’t halt.

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