How Jack’s  best man brother Tom reassured the nervous groom

Watch and learn, Beatrice! How Jack’s best man brother Tom reassured the nervous groom with pats on the back – and kept smiling in during his daunting moment in the spotlight

  • Jack’s brother Tom Brooksbank served as his best man at royal wedding
  • Tom, 30,  was seen calming the groom’s nerves with reassuring gestures
  • Flashed his sibling cheeky looks during tense moments in proceedings
  • Maid of Honour Princess Beatrice spent time by Fergie’s side rather than sister’s 

As Princess Beatrice seemed to shun her wedding duties during her sister Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding, it seemed Jack’s best man was taking his duties very seriously.

Jack’s smiling brother Tom Brooksbank served as his best man during the lavish ceremony at St George’s chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Tom, 30, who is two years younger than Jack, is his only sibling and seemed to play a key role in the latest royal wedding, from calming the groom’s nerves to being liaising with other royals, Tom seemed to have his best man duties under control.

Tom Brooksbank (left) served as Jack’s best man during the ceremony of which the couple had invited over 800 guests

Tom was by Jack’s side for most of the day and even gave well wishers a cheeky look when he and his brother walked up the stairs to St George’s chapel

Tom looks to be joking with his brother Jack as they head up the steps

At the start of the day Jack and Tom arrived at St George’s chapel and were greeted by well-wishers who had gathered to watch the festivities.

As they made their way up to the chapel Tom looked like a typical best man, throwing his brother cheeky looks as they walked up the stairs. 

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At one point he even glances back to the well wishes and flashes them a charming grin. 

Visibly nervous, Jack looked on edge as he climbed up the steps, only to be reassured by a gentle hand on the back by his brother Tom. 

When the Duke of York announced who Jack’s best man would be  a Twitter post was sent out with the photo of the two as young boys with Tom of the left and Jack on the right 

Jack was clearly nervous ahead of the ceremony but Tom reassured him by gently placing his hand on his lower back

The two brothers seemed relaxed in each others company as they waked up the steps, with Tom no doubt muttering calming words to his brother, who at times seemed overwhelmed with the publicity surrounding the wedding. 

Inside the chapel he can then be seen at his brother’s side at the altar, as Jack geared up to take his vows to Princess Eugenie.

Throughout the ceremony he can be seen smiling behind his brother Jack who was clearly unnerved by the event, of which the couple had invited over 800 guests.

Before Eugenie arrived both Tom and Jack looked nervous and Jack looks down as though he doesn’t know where look 

As Eugenie walked down the aisle Tom once again flashes his cheeky grin as his brother Jack puts on his glasses so he can see the bride from afar 

Jack looked nervous as they exchanged rings, with Tom glancing  at the pair with a charming look

After the ceremony he can be seen stood outside the chapel with his parents Nicola and George Brooksbank, Princess Beatrice and Sarah Ferguson, as well as bridesmaids and pageboys.

Tom seemed to look less comfortable in this situation and stood slightly away from the rest of the guests .

Tom, works for London-based asset management company Troy Asset Management, where he works on the business development side of the firm which first launched in 2000 by the late Lord Weinstock, with the company being named after his 1979 Epsom Derby winner.

Tom looked to be a reassuring presence for Jack as they stood at the altar in St George’s chapel

Tom graduated from the University of Leeds in 2011 where he achieved a 2:1 Bachelor of Arts degree in French language and literature. From 2001-2005 he has also attended the infamous Eton College.

In an interview to the BBC before the wedding, Eugenie praised Jack’s family and said that Tom was already like a brother to her.

‘They’re really wonderful people.

‘Seven years, you get to know people pretty well. They’re already sort of parents and brother.’ 

Despite wearing a cheeky grin for most of the day, Tom looked slightly uncomfortable on the steps outside the chapel

The last royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, saw Harry choosing William as his best man, despite there being much speculation surrounding who he would ask.

Before ceremony which took place earlier this year, the brothers were seen joking in the chapel and discussing how tight their trousers were.

As they waited for the bridge to arrive, a nervous Harry asked his brother: ‘Is she here?’ Wills replied: ‘No not yet. I don’t know actually.’ 

Back in 2011, Prince Harry had also served as William’s best man, when he married Kate Middleton.

During the best man speech Harry had reportedly teased William about his thinning hair and had once joked that William had turned bald at the age of 12. 

Princes Harry and William joked about Harry’s ‘tight trousers’ while they waited for the bride

Prince Harry (left) arrived at his wedding to Meghan Markle with his brother and best man Prince William (right) to rapturous applause in Windsor this morning



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