How to become a wizard at the pinball sex position

Becoming a pinball wizard is all about targeting the right spots – and that applies in both the arcade and the bedroom.

The pinball sex position is named after the way it mirrors the stance you take to play the retro game.

It’s certainly a fun spin on couples’ game night, offering deep penetration and allowing for easy stimulation of the clitoris and mons pubis.

Plus, the fact that your bodies are at an angle means that you’ll both get a great view of the action. That visual element can heighten pleasure and get yourself into the right headspace for mindblowing orgasms.

To give it a go, you’ll need to ensure one partner is receiving while the other is penetrating. If neither of you has a penis, a strap-on will do the trick.

The receiving partner lays on the back and raises up on their hips (also known as a partial bridge in yoga or the cinch in pilates).

This is best done on a bed or somewhere soft, and a pillow or foam wedge can be placed under your bum to make the position more accessible and comfortable.

The penetrating partner then gets on their knees, in between the receiver’s legs, lifting up their thighs for support.

From here, they can enter and thrust easily, pulling the other’s body towards them to get as deep and close as possible.

The receiving partner’s shoulders should be on the bed while their pelvis should be tilted upwards to get the best out of the pinball. The penetrating partner should be kneeling with an upright torso, at an angle of about 130 degrees (don’t worry, there’s no maths involved).

To level up the position, try lifting one leg up against the kneeling person’s shoulder.

Using a vibrator or incorporating massage oils and lubes also creates new sensations, and the receiving partner’s hands are left free to explore however they wish.

We could make some puns about balls and holes, but after this one all you’ll be thinking about is how you got the high score at sex.

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