I am worried my boyfriend of eight months is using me for sex

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM worried my boyfriend of eight months is using me for sex. 

He is 23, I am 24 and we met on a gay dating app last year. 

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Sex is all he talks about – what was good last time, and what he wants to try next. 

He will ask for it up to three times a day. If I refuse, he will masturbate and view online porn for hours instead. 

Sometimes I wake up in the night to find him touching himself while watching explicit videos on his phone. 

I’m worried he’s a sex addict, as he can’t go more than a few hours without it. 

This is my first relationship, and I’m sure this isn’t how it’s meant to be. 

DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry your boyfriend is making you feel this way – and you are right, this is not how a healthy, loving relationship should be. 

Porn is deliberately designed to be addictive to consumers. 

Try talking to your boyfriend, but lead with the angle that you are worried about him. You can recommend The Kick Start Recovery Programme which is a free, reliable and tested self-help solution (sexaddictionhelp.co.uk).

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