I met a great guy online but he called things off after I catfished him

DEAR DEIDRE: LAST year, I met a really lovely guy on a gay dating site. He’s 38 and I’m 27. We had an instant connection and talked non-stop – we were both falling in love.

Then I ruined it all. He asked me to send some pictures, which I did, but I sent him group photos.

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He assumed I was my much better looking friend and, stupidly, I didn’t correct him.

When we arranged to meet, I knew I had to come clean. So I sent him an actual photo of me and explained I’d misled him because I’m not confident.

He was gutted and felt I’d lied, and he couldn’t trust me any more. He ended it.

Since then we chat occasionally, but he doesn’t want to meet. I think about him day and night. I’m such an idiot for spoiling what could have been perfect.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds as if you really liked him, and that he liked you back until he discovered your deception.

Perhaps you need to ask him if he can ever forgive you and might try again.

If not, then it’s best to break off contact, as keeping in touch will be too painful. Put this down to life experience. My support pack Mend Your Broken Heart will help.

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