I take raunchy snaps for OnlyFans while my toddler sleeps in the next room

A stay-at-home-mum has revealed that she takes sexy snaps for OnlyFans while her baby son sleeps in the next room.

But, she insists that she’s a “normal mum”.

Emily Mai, 31, from Australia, makes a whopping $250,000 (£134,000) a year on the subscription website where she posts X-rated content – and “couldn’t be happier”.

The parent will begin her day by feeding her baby and make sure his needs are met before transforming into a temptress.

Emily, a former stripper, says she’s received negative comments from fellow mums about her career, but she doesn’t care.

The mum, who has 70,000 Instagram followers, said: “I wake up, give my son breakfast and have my morning routine where I make coffee and he’ll play while I check my OnlyFans."

She continued: “I’ll wait until his nap time to create content or message my fans. When my son is napping, I do admin or take photos in a different room.

"But I don’t film any videos when he is in the house, I'll organise for family members to watch him when I do that.

“Once he’s awake, I’m back to parenting, doing things like cooking, play dates and when he’s asleep, I’m back working again.

“A lot of what I make goes into savings for his future.

"I’m not making all of this money to spend it on designer handbags and fine dining. And I’ve got so much time with my son.

"We go to his toddler activities and catch up with our mothers group or see our family, and I'm not run-down from doing 13-hour-nights at a strip club."

Emily’s mum “hated” her work at first, but gradually came to see the benefits for her grandson and daughter.

The model said: “When I had my boy, I knew I wanted to do something where I could be around my kid, while also bringing in the same amount of money.

"My mum is really conservative and doesn’t like to talk to me about my job, she asks when I’m going to get an office job."

She continued: “But she’s seen over the years how present I’ve been with my son and the family and it’s opened her up to it. The rest of my family have been so great and understanding.

“When I first started OnlyFans, some of my friends definitely secretly judged me too, but they are so much more accepting now.”

But, not everyone is so easy going.

The mum said: “I have been quite selective about which mums I've told about my work.

“I have not told any of the mums from my mothers group yet, I am unsure how they will handle that information. They all think I'm a stay-at-home mum!

“However, one of them found out by accident and did not take it well at all.

"She has time and time again referred to me ‘being forced to work in the sex industry’ and threatened to ‘out’ me to my community.”

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The new mum worked for her entire pregnancy, but she lost a chunk of followers due to her growing belly, but she didn’t let it get her down.

Emily said: “I’m nothing like what people imagine an OnlyFans model to be.

“There’s this huge stigma around being a mum and liking sex.

“How do you think your mother got pregnant in the first place? It’s because she was sexy!

“It doesn’t anger me when people are negative about my career, it just makes me laugh, because so many strippers, escorts and p*rn stars I know are mothers.

“I think mums are sexy and should definitely make time to be sexy.”

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