I won't let my children out of my sight as I'm terrified of World War Three happening

DEAR DEIDRE: I WON’T let my kids out of my sight as I’m terrified Russia and Ukraine will spark World War Three.

I’m 48. My children are 17, 14 and 12.

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I drive them to school every day.

They used to take public transport but I think that’s too risky in case the Russians try to bomb us.

I worry if they have to go somewhere without me.

Most nights I’m kept awake with my anxiety.

I get upset thinking that my eldest son will have to go off and fight any day now.

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My husband and kids think I’ve lost the plot.

They don’t seem to see the very real danger we’re in.

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DEIDRE SAYS:  I can’t say there won’t be another world war but I can say it’s very unlikely.

Anxiety is often triggered by changes we can’t control, and of course we have very little control over world politics.

Instead, focus on what you can control. Limit how often you check the news.


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Make sure you get plenty of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.

I’m attaching my support pack, Living With Anxiety, for more advice.

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