I'm getting revenge on my cheating wife by sleeping with her friend

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been having no-strings sex with a policewoman who is a friend of my wife’s.

And I don’t feel one bit of remorse after I was cheated on last year.

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I’m a man of 40 and my wife is 42. We’ve been together for 12 years and have a son of ten.

Our cat got savaged by a fox outside the house and my wife and boy were distraught. The cat was in a bad way.

In the confusion, I took my wife’s phone by accident and while waiting at the vet’s, a notification came in from one of my footie mates.

Opening up the message was one of the worst experiences. There it was in black and white — they were having an affair.

I was livid but I couldn’t start yelling when the cat was at death’s door.

Luckily, our pet survived and the time never seemed right to confront my wife about her cheating.

I witnessed a car accident a week later and had to go to the police station. A friend of my wife’s was there.

She’s 35 and single but no oil painting.

This policewoman is as hard as nails with a potty mouth. But she was friendly and gave me her phone number to use if I “ever needed anything”.

She has got a reputation for going for any bloke with a pulse. So the next night, I was in a destructive frame of mind and decided to call her.

She quickly invited me to her home and I made a pass at her. She didn’t hesitate.

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Within minutes we were rolling around on her bed.

She’s my bit of rough and I am enjoying this secret affair. Don’t they say, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”?

DEIDRE SAYS: They do, but if you are happy with everything, why are you writing to me?

I’m never going to approve of cheating and you know it.

OK, so your wife has cheated but two wrongs don’t make a right.

Amid all of this chaos, there is your boy and you at least owe it to him to sort out your problems.

Tell your “friend” that you need to focus on your marriage. Don’t use her as your booty call. That’s not fair on anyone.

Find a quiet moment to tell your wife that something does not feel right between you and you would like to talk about how best you can improve your relationship.

Do you not spend enough time together? Is your sex life flagging?

If you need some outside help, contact Tavistock Relationships, which provides quality counselling at a reasonable cost. See tavistockrelationships.org or call 020 7380 1975.

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