I'm so sad as wife's daughter is threatening to accuse me of sexual abuse

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER I rejected her advances, my wife’s daughter threatened to accuse me of sexually abusing her.

When I recently gave her a lift home from work, she took her knickers off in the car and tried to put my hand between her legs – while I was driving.

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One morning, when my wife was at work and I was having a lie-in after a night shift, I heard the bedroom door open.

My wife’s daughter came in, took off her dressing gown and tried to get into bed with me. I jumped out and told her to go.

I am 54 and my wife is 55. We have been married for ten years.

Her daughter is 34 and lives with us after her own relationship broke down.

Now she’s said she will tell her mum I’ve been making a move on her.

I am so stressed by this that I am considering taking my own life.

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After all, who would believe a young pretty woman would make a move on her own mother’s old man?

I have not told a soul about this, including my wife. All I can think about is killing myself.

DEIDRE SAYS: You must confide in your wife, who sounds to be completely unaware of what has been happening – although she may have picked up on your distress.

Happy, balanced young women don’t accuse guys of wrongdoing in this way.

Find support via the False Allegations Support Organisation (false-allegations.org.uk, 0844 335 1992).

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