Incredible snaps show the power of the natural world

Nature fights back! Photographer shares stunning images of abandoned lecture halls, stately homes and theme parks reclaimed by trees, sand and water

  • French urban photographer Romain Veillon snaps beautiful, abandoned places around the world  
  • Snaps include a room that has filled up with rainwater and chapels overtaken by weeds
  • In Japan, he photographed the ‘Dreamland’ theme-park, with a rollercoaster overtaken by trees

From a railway track covered in greenery to a desert home half-buried in sand, a photographer has shared amazing snaps of abandoned buildings that have been reclaimed by nature. 

Urban photographer Romain Veillon, from Paris, has travelled the world taking pictures of disused buildings that have been taken over by the natural world, in some cases fostering entire eco-systems inside. 

Veillon, who gained international fame with his first book Ask The Dust, is back with a second book, entitled Green Urbex: The World Without Us, released by the French publishing house Albin Michel. Highlights are featured in an online gallery by Bored Panda. 

One shot shows a rollercoaster almost completely concealed by the untamed trees that have grown around it. Another shows a French chapel overtaken by weeds. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the best snaps, including an old library that is buried beneath dirt. 

Urban photographer Romain Veillon , from Paris, has travelled the world taking pictures of disused buildings that have been taken over by the natural world, in some cases fostering entire eco-systems inside. Pictured, in France, the chapelle de l’Ange au Violon (The Violin Playing Angel Chapel) has welcomed the natural creeping of grass and weeds on its stone floor 

What a ride this would be! These railway tracks have been completely encompassed in greenery that has formed a stunning tunnel

Years of wind and sandstorms has filled this old house in the Namibian village of Kolmanskop to the brim with cascading piles of sand to form a beautiful scene

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This slightly eerie yet breathtaking view of an old rollercoaster amid the trees looks like the perfect playground for a monkey. It is located in the abandoned ‘Dreamland’ theme park in Japan

This old building full of books has a delightful charm, and the armchair still looks quite comfortable, in spite of the ceilling falling apart 

This orangery in Belgium has reclaimed the outside world for itself and currently relishes in the fact that its a perfect greenhouse for all its inhabiting plants

This old mansion in Italy can barely contain the furniture that’s falling through the floor, but it’s still reminiscent of a time when ladies would flounce over the embroidered bench

Romain also photographed the Liverpool Fruit Exchange, which has also been abandoned for decades and is now covered in dust and debris 

Azin Historical House, pictured, was designed by Ravagh Atelier in Kashan, in Iran. It still upholds a sense of glamour through the dirt

This wonderfully grass carpeted balcony almost looks like a purposeful stylistic choice by an interior designer. It was photographed in Japan 

Anyone fancy a swim? This room, while now shabby and run down still reeks of glamour and sophistication in spite of being flooded with water 

In the Namib Desert, The Sperrgebiet National Park hosts abandoned houses similar to this one, pictured, which are covered in sand and cracks 

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