Influencer shares how she can transform her body in seconds with posing trick

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Karina Irby is using her influencer status for good – by flaunting her ‘real’ and unedited body online.

All too often Instagram is full of models that have been airbrushed within an inch of their lives, which can make many people feel insecure.

But the Australian beauty and bikini brand owner often shares refreshingly body positive snaps which are adored by her 1.2 million followers.

In her most recent post, Karina shared in a clip how posing can transform your body in a matter of seconds.

The blonde bombshell has urged her fans to see that a photo does not capture ‘reality’ and so people should stop comparing their own bodies to those online.

Karina can be seen in the video walking through a pool in strapless bikini and matching patterned bottoms hiked up to her waist sporting a toned look figure.

But as she turned to the side, Karina exhaled and let her belly expand.

She then held the camera and posed with a pout as she shielded the sun from her eyes.

However, Karina quickly moved the camera to a low angle and candidly grinned for the camera as she pushed her chin into her neck.

The body positive influencer then stood back in the pool as she flaunted off her perky bum in a highly posed stance before she sucked in her cheeks which changed her body shape all together.

Lastly, to prove to her many fans that you can ‘transform’ your body quickly, Karina perched herself on the poolside sitting in an upright position which created the illusion of a toned belly and perkier boobs.

The Instagram star then exhaled and sat in a relaxed pose changing her physique in a matter of seconds.


“Enjoy your body today guys!

“And please don’t hyper focus on someone’s hot Instagram pic. Because as you can see moments, seconds after it’s a whole different look.”

Inspired by Karina and her candid video, many people fled to the comments to thank the influencer for being so real for rocking her ‘real’ body.

One person commented: “You're the most beautiful when you're goofy, your body is out of this world. Never change! Annnnd I love your bikinis!”

Another added: “Thank you for showing our bodies, you rock and are just gorgeous!”

A third fan praised: “Needed this today! I love your confidence! I need to work on body confidence myself.”

Someone else gushed: “You are amazing!! You help me be so much more confident in myself. I love you for being you.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “You're so beautiful, workin' on self love as well. This account makes me realise there's so many ways to see ourselves & that beauty is in the eye of the observer.”

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