Influencer shares photo of real tummy after sucking it in since she was 10

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Social media star Bree Lenehan has showed off her "real" tummy after admitting she sucked in her stomach from the age of 10.

The Australian influencer, who boasts 642,000 Instagram followers, is known for her body positive posts on the site.

And in her latest, she urged fans to let their authentic selves shine through as she shared posed and unposed snaps.

Bree posted split pictures which saw her suck in her stomach on the left while wearing a skintight, cut-out pink dress.

While on the right, she breathed out to let her "real" tummy show as she totally relaxed.

As well as the pink dress snaps, Bree also shared a comparison photo of herself now to back when she was aged 10.

Captioning the post, the influencer said: "I started sucking in my tummy when I was in year 5 (10 years old).

"I vividly remember moving to a new school & struggling to make friends.

"One day, I asked my teacher if I could stay in her classroom on my lunch break so that I didn’t have to sit on my own. My teacher told me 'You need to try to fit in. Dress how they dress, act how they act, look how they look. You aren’t doing yourself any favours' as she ogled at me & tapped her gut, sucking it in.

"I still don’t know whether she was telling me to stop slouching or if she really was telling me that I should hide my gut, but it didn’t matter."

She continued: "Small experiences like that when we’re young (and a lot of the times in adulthood too) have the ability to change the way we view ourselves.

"Those external opinions continued (from TV, magazines, school kids, etc) & had me viewing other parts of my body as bad too. I took those beliefs with me into high school, my workplaces, shopping malls, every holiday, nights out, everywhere.

"The only space I felt safe enough to let my body relax was in the shower, which was also the place I was hardest on myself.

"I technically hid my body & felt ashamed of those features until I was 23 when I realised it wasn’t shameful, in fact it was all super normal (cellulite, stretch marks, fat on your belly, tummy rolls, hip dips, etc)."

Bree added: "Now I share all versions of myself online to reach others – like that younger version of myself – to show her she doesn’t have to 'fix' herself to be liked (including by herself)!

"If we let other people‘s opinions dictate the way we see ourselves & live our lives, is our life really ours in the end?

"If the way you look can sway the friends you have & attract into your life, do you really want them in your life anyway?

"When you think of the person you love most in this world, does your love & opinion of them have anything to do with THEIR appearance?

"What do YOU think of you? Without all of the external opinions that have been thrown upon your shoulders.

"You don’t have to be good enough for others. Be good enough for YOU to love you. Happy Real Me Monday."

Fans were loving her inspiring post, with it racking up more than 35,000 likes.

One exclaimed: "Yasss LET THAT BELLY BREATHE," while another gushed: "You are so beautiful and inspiring!!! I love you."

Meanwhile, a third added: "You are great Bree."

The post comes after Bree exposed her cellulite back in April as she told fans that 'perfection is an illusion'.

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